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Hey everyone. just wanted to know what I should do when I first take the vlx home before it's first use. Is it a good idea to carnuba wax it and 303 the interior before I even put it in the water?

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It is certainly a good idea. I myself could never stomach the delay of all that before putting a new boat in the water but if you can muster up the willpower go for it ;)

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1st take off shoes and hope in.

2nd look at all the cool bling bling.

3rd wipe up all the Drool.gif off the seats with 303

4th take her to the lake and have fun.

Yahoo.gifYahoo.gif Congrats on the new VLX you will love her.

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does this mean that yall have moved in up north?? did you find a house with a garage that will fit??

congrats Yahoo.gif ! post some pics! Biggrin.gif

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we went to the launch, took the boards out fo the trunk and headed out for a quick 5 min set. THen, back to the launch to drop the dealer's son who took one of the 2 quick sets we had, then drove around for a few hours to break it in and make sure everything worked as it was supposed to. Then, we cleaned it up and put it away for the night.

Those first 5 minute sets are crutial!

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Well do to the crappy weather Cry.gif , straight to the storage garage, and started the stereo install Rockon.gif . 1 Month later first ride and then waxed the boat and cleaned the interior really good. 303 a must in my eyes.

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I planned on Scotchguarding my carpet before the first use..... Diddn't happen......Still hasn't.....


Thats funny so did I, and still haven't oh well at least I have the carpet saver.

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My dealer told me to wait a little bit before waxing the boat. Said that it would let the boat "breath" better.

The boat needs a little time to "harden out" even after you get it. Make any sense? Anyone else heard this?

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I bought some 303 and wax today at a boating shop. and the clerk said the same thing as far as hardening. But he saidf about 30 days or so after build time was good enough. I have no idea, anyone else think more time is needed?

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Take lots of pictures.

Sit in the boat, open up a beer and just think about what you have in the driveway. Oh my heaven, I finally did it, bought a brand new boat.

Than pull out the 303 and wipe down all the drool


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