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rubbish bin ideas?


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dunno if this have ever been brought up on the forum.

i seem to have quite a few people out on the boat with me whenever i take her out. by the end of the day quite a bit of rubbish collects and every cupholder seems to have empty cans in it.

was wondering if anyone has a clever solution so that i dont have to lift seats up each time someone wants to throw things out, (i have a bit of OCD with empty cans/wrapping).

plastic box with bin liner under the dash/behind drivers seat? thinking about making a few hooks underneath the centre table and tying up some plastic bags there?

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Man throw that s*** out. I love a stray can or bottle to go around like a makeshift bouy. My dad has gotten good at keeping the right distance and pointing them out.
But last time we were out I fell off the tube with my little girl and brushed up against a trashcan that someone must have thrown from a cabin. I peed all over myself.
Go with the Walmart sac instead.

**Edited for language by mods....please keep it clean.**

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Measure the height and width of your trunk right behind the back seat and go to one of those "storables" stores and find a full size kitchen trash can that will fit right in that area. That's what I did. Only had to flip open a trunk to throw anything away.

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I haven't done this but I just thought of it and think it's a pretty darn good one. Any rectangular office style trash can mounted in the observers compartment. Than remove the small cubby shelf from the walk through and reinstall upside down. (remove the mesh if you feel so). Would look pretty similar to the stock setup but people can throw there trash through the cubby and the stock-shelf (now mounted upside down) would guide things into the trash can.

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My boat has 2 coolers under hinged seat bottoms and a "built-in" trashcan under the pullout corner seat bottom :Doh: so the smaller cooler ends up being the trash bin. On the vRide we just tied a kitchen trashbag to the windshield support in the walkthrough.

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