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Face Plant


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My son (8) was attempting to go wake to wake this weekend and took one of the hardest falls that I have seen short of a buddy of mine in a failed Raley attempt. The front edge of his board caught the top of the second wake and it was full on fully extended face plant. He was a champ about it, got back in the boat and sprawled out in the bow, and actually got back out there for a few more runs at the end of the day. I think it scared me worse than it did him. Any one else have young kids riding and trying to progress with their tricks? Me being dad was encouraging him to shake it off and get back out there when he recovered for a minute, of course momma hen didn't want him to do anything else that day. Kinda just wondering if there were any other dads out there dealing with the delima of wanting them to progress, but not wanting them to get hurt?

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My daughter, who is 7, was out riding a couple weeks ago in really rough water. She was going up the wake for a heel side jump and something grabbed the nose of the board and she face planted pretty damn hard. Scared her pretty good. I knew a hard wreck was coming with how quickly she was progressing.

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It's hard being a parent watching kids enjoy sports that can hurt or worse devastate our children. All the safety gear in the world is not a guaranty.

It seams everything is getting so extrema!

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If it's not already obvious helmets!

they're not "cool" who cares?

I LOVE falling with a helmet when I've been learning different aerials. such a better feeling and less headaches.

as soon as my little sister started jumping a helmet showed up in the mail for her.

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I think the verdict is still out on helmets. they don't help with face plants, and it's not proven they help with concussions in water impacts. only thing I am 100% sure of is that they help is the board comes up

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I know the debate on helmets not PREVENTING concussions, but when I fall sometimes I think that's BS cause I almost always lead with my head on falls for some reason, and I've had some gnarly edges catch that slam me into the water like a fly swatter on the counter. and for the most part I'm thankful for wearing a helmet.

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I'm of the camp that says that helmets do not help unless you are at a cable park, doing rails, fixed platform jumps, etc. In my experience, the extra weight of the helmet (although minimal) made me get worse whiplash. Just my .02.

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I agree on wearing helmets if you're hitting rails, but one of the worst concussions I've ever had was when I wore a helmet and did a "side head" plant. Concussions can result from rapid deceleration - a helmet increases the surface area impacting the water. A helmet would not have helped, but theoretically it increases the surface area hitting the water and increases the deceleration.

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I am in the no helmet camp. For the riding we do, I just dont see where it would help, and possibly could hurt. If I thought there was any merit to wearing one, I would have one on my son. I guess I just wonder if anyone thinks its crazy for an 8 year old to be out there taking those kinds of hits, or if its just like any other sport? He loves it, and I can't imagine telling him to back off, because he is so into it. But the parent side of me wants to protect my kid.

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stitched up head from getting slammed into board is the helmet curse in my family. plus, haven't fallen in any sort of concussion possibility...yet. :whistle:

falling normally with a helmet is just easier and doesn't hurt as bad. Key word: normally. it's not always ideal I know.

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A friends kid who was 8 or 9 years old a few years back was just riding nothing special he could jump the wake and ride a little bit. He fell over the front of his board and somehow it almost scalped him. He ended up 40 or 50 stitches in his head.

Will it help in every case nope. It's like a life jacket how many times have you actually needed one?

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I wear a helmet. I've been knocked out twice without one. And never been knocked out with one..... despite taking some brutal crashes learning inverts on a foil. I've been riding almost 20 yrs too.

Besides helping to prevent concussions, their also good for helping to prevent popped ear drums.

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