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beep, beep, beep? what the beep?

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2009 Malibu 247 with Maliview. Loaned out to a friend. Got it back, and now when I go from idle up through 800 to 1200 rpms, I get a beep, beep, beep sound (just three beeps, not continuous) that sounds like it is coming out of the stereo speakers. Stops at 1200 and doesn't repeat until next time I go back to idle. So far, I have tried the following, although I am about to go out of my bleeping mind chasing this down:

Depth alarm: Confirmed set to off, makes a louder and different beep when on

Wedge settings and calibration: Turned the wedge off, noise continues. Calibrated the Wedge, noise continues.

Active engine faults: None

Inactive engine faults: none

Gauge diagnostics - everything shows as working

Cruise: Off

Stereo turned down to zero volume: Still get the beeping at the same volume level

Oil pressure and voltage readings seem normal (fluctuate some going up to speed, but do not seem to correlate with beeping)

checked Oil fill level = fine

No warnings or alarms showing on any of the Maliview screens.

Looked for Roadrunner trapped in storage compartment - nothing.

Now for the first bit of good news. When the Stereo is muted or turned off - the Beeping stops!!!

So I guess the question is, what sort of connections are there between the engine and the stereo that would cause repeat beeping incidents as you move up to speed? I am thinking this must just have to be voltage related, but it seems weird how regular it is, and that it is manifesting itself via three beeps.

Any ideas or suggestions appreciated. Thanks. Rob

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Do you have a Sony radio? They make that beeping sound when turned off. If so, it could be a bad wire or connection with the radio causing you to hear it at random times?

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This is why I'm never inclined to borrow something from someone else - I usually end up breaking it, and having to replace it for them, and I still don't have one of my own. Guess a boat is a different story, but would have to be a pretty incredible friend for me to lend my boat to them without me being along. Plus, what kind of friend would go to the lake without you???? lol

Is it possible the batteries are going, and the system puts an extra drain on them causing issues?

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Is it possible the batteries are going, and the system puts an extra drain on them causing issues?

That's knid of what I was thinking. my old boat beeped three times through the speakers when power was cut to the stereo. According to the manual, it was to remind me that I did not remove the face plate....which I never did.

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