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Oil in Bilge-No Oil left 03' Wakesetter


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I bought my 2003 wakesetter about 2 weeks ago . I've had it out three times . The first time I had it out , the oil pressure audible alarm went off , we checked all gauges and oil level and it was fine . The second time I had it pressure and gauge readings were fine . Yesterday the third time , the audible alarm was still going off so I read up on it and disconnected the wire to the oil pressure sensor to see if the alarm would go off and the it did silence the alarm . Later in the day the gauge said low oil pressure and hit the bilge while I was stopped and it was almost pure oil . I immediately checked the oil and there wasn't any . I called a buddy and got towed back in because I definitely didn't want to start it again . I checked around the oil pan and everything was tight and no leaks , oil filter - tight and no leaks , drain hose - tight and no leaks ...... I'm lost what could it be ? Thanks for the help guys !

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Your choices are

oil filter

drain plug/drain hose

front/rear seal on oil pan

rusted oil pan that has leaked

sensor fitting that has broken

Most other places that oil leaks, it sprays everywhere (like intake gaskets for example)

There are other plugs on the the motor that will let oil out but they don't usually fail, they are mistakes in builds.

You really should be able to find a part on the engine that has oil on it where it leaked. Figure that the leak is from the oil filter mount and lower and look at every inch of the motor for traces of oil.

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Zone 5 ,

Someone at the dock told me I could have cracked a head gasket if the engine was ran for long while the engine was out of oil . Is there an easy way to check that . O and by the way thanks for the reply big time !

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I had a small leak in the fittings for the oil pressure sensor.

If the boat was running well when you shut it off and not hot should be ok, there are usually 2 or 3 qts of oil left when the dip stick is dry.. You can do a leak down or compression test if you want,

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I lost all of my oil a couple years ago on my 2001 Sunkicker. Oil pan rusted through and a hole developed in the pan by the drain plug. Had to pull engine and replace pan. Previous owner didn't have a working bilge pump so the pan sat in water constantly.

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Zone 5 ,

Someone at the dock told me I could have cracked a head gasket if the engine was ran for long while the engine was out of oil . Is there an easy way to check that . O and by the way thanks for the reply big time !

If you run an engine without oil, you are going to trash bearings, and end up spinning them, and/or throwing rods, and all sorts of other nasty things.

A blown head gasket is in most cases going to make the engine overheat, and/or let water get into the combustion chambers and then cause nasty things. so, no low oil isn't going to do much to the head gasket till other parts start to break.

As REW said, even when the dipstick shows "no" oil, you still have ~ 3 quarts left. what happens is that the oil pump will pull it out of the pan faster than it gets back there, and then you set up the alarms you did.

Its really important that you find the sourse of the oil leak. If that source isn't plain, drain the oil thats in the motor and change the filter. Check the oil for bits of metal, and cut the filter apart to see if the element has metal in it. If its clean, put a new filter on it, and then run the motor. hose should be fine, but if you can get a helper on the water is better. (yea, I know running with the hatch open is a pain) Watch for the leak. Based on what you said, it dumped into the bilge. and doesn't show on the stick, so that at least 2 quarts. If you are "lucky", you will find the leak right away.

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As said above, I can't see lack of oil doing damage to your head gasket. If it did, the head gasket would be the least of your worries.

I'd fill it back up with the correct amount of oil and run it until you find the oil leak. Do this either with a fake-a-lake or garden hose in your driveway or on your hoist where you can keep an eye on the engine at all times.

edit: Maybe I shouldn't have assumed that your engine is in good working order. Only do the run test above once you've confirmed that you don't already have bearing issues from running low on oil already. A bad bearing can turn into a bad block in a hurry and make the potential repair more costly.

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Do you have a remote kit for the oil filter? If so, I'd check those hoses.

If you pulled the wire off the sending unit, check to be sure you didn't harm it when doing that.

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