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Anyone here using Malibu Cruisee GPS speed control?


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If you have this installed on your boat can you please PM me asap. Its not Zero off GPS, its the Medallion GPS system for MEFI 6 ECM's. Its easy to tell if you have it, when you look on your Maliview cruise screen it will have the letters "GPS" on the right center of screen. It will not have the Zero Off GPS symbol at the top of the screen.

Thank you....

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Malibu GPS cruise is installed, I lake tested this morning, all I can say is why did I not order my boat with this in the first place....I feel like I am driving a new boat, a complete difference from the paddlewheel, I was not towing anyone but I can already tell the difference on how the speed is locking in and holding, even in choopy water conditions, full ballast/wedge at slower speeds it is holding dead on. I did not feel the boat surge one time the entire morning, so far awesome. Will get a better feel for it this week on Lake Shasta, but so far night and day... even my wife commented on how it was holding. I also installed the 2315 prop, which is a total beast, can already notice the holeshot difference.... My wife is going to have to be carful towing me, it might pull my arms out of the socket....can hardly wait to get a full load of people and see the difference from the 1235.

One other note on this system, the GPS puck actually mounts under the deck, you see nothing on the top of your boat deck.

More review to follow after a week on Shasta....

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I agree running GPS and I agree a improvement over the paddlewheel. It's no Zero off but close.

I have no experience with zero off, I was told the zero off has the multi settings and the Malibu cruise only has one setting but you can get maps if you find it necessary. Personally, I think having a mapping system on your boat would be a waist of money, but that is just me. I really do like how the GPS puck mounts under the dash area, its a super clean install, no black puck sitting on your top deck in front of window. I know Thtrog has been using the Malibu cruise GPS on his 24 MXZ and has really enjoyed it, hoping this week to get a really good idea of what its capable of. If its anything like this morning, life is going to be really great!

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