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Installing 2 1" thru hull intakes


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I have been filling/draining two sacs off one hole and have used a ball valve to switch filling one or the other, but this was only to get me out on the water. I am now trying to finish my project and get everything running on 1".

I'm filling off my garboard drain and it's 3/4" but I set up my entire system with 1" piping and fittings so I remove my 3/4" to 1" and I'm ready to go. Like I said I am going to be installing 2 1" intakes to each have a designated pump finally and I'm curious about their placement.

The space down there on the 98' vlx is quite small but I see space to put the two. they would both be on the port side of the engine if I would place them right now, does anyone see a problem with that?

To my next question. I can try to put them as far from each other as possible, but does anyone know of any sort of length away from each other that they should be? Am I prone to cracking (gelcoat) if they're too close together. I understand they're not under much tension, but I wouldn't want to ruin anything due to ignorance.

As always thanks guys.

any specific placement tips are appreciated.

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MN, if you are going to use reversible pumps I would put them far enough apart to be able to easily install and remove the hoses with out ripping the skin off of your fingers. For me that would be atleast 4" on center or almost twice the distance of the diameter of the holes.

If you are using aerator style pumps you will need to leave enough room between the holes to be able spin the pumps onto the thru hulls & ball valves. Plus leave enough room to allow you to maneuver the hoses around each other and other obstructions. That will require about 6" on center just for the pumps IIRC.

I would clean and mask the bilge and start laying everything out to see how it will fit. Once you get a warm and fuzzy, mark the locations then recheck the layout. Go under the trailer to confirm the holes don't end up on top of a bunk. Easy way to check is to use the garboard plug as a reference and measure from it in the bilge and on the bottom of the hull. When in doubt, get on here before you start drilling and someone will have been there, done that to prevent a "Greek tragedy" from happening. Good luck, Bill.

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thanks wdr, I'm not nervous about putting the holes in, I've got that covered!

I was just wondering about the placement, it's nicer since I'm using reversible and don't need the larger clearance so it's a plus. I was just curious as to what the crew thought on different placement.

I also heard a trick about using pretty strong magnets for finding the location under the boat! :blush: check twice...or...three times. you can only drill once.

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I used magnets to determine hole location. You can buy them at home depot. Tape them down on top where you want holes, go under boat and magnet will align with top. I also drilled a tiny pilot hole like Shawn.

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I tried the home depot magnets but no luck, they wouldn't stick. I ordered rare earth ones from amazon with much better success.

Good to know, I had to double the ones up on the bottom to increase the magnet strength and they seemed to work well. I might be helping my buddy install his system on his new MB so I will keep the rare earth brand in mind....

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That is about where I installed mine, as long as your trailer bunks always align the same evrytime you pull on the trailer you should be fine.

note: make sure you have sufficient room up top to attach your ball valve and be able to shut off if ever needed.

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