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05 Response LXI

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Just sold my 91 Supra Marauder. I am looking at an 05 Response LXI. It has the "Swoosh" Tower with lights and stereo, Perfect Pass, Monsoon 340, like new trailer, and the wedge. It has under 300 hours and is in good to excellent condition. The asking price is $27K. I really like the boat but I have a few concerns. I primarily ski but my kids are just starting to board. We also do cruise to the marina for lunch once in a while. The gunwales on the Response are a good 6 inches lower than my Supra was (The Marauder/Sunsport hull became the Launch SSV). Is the ride in the Response significantly worse than what my Supra was and do you get soaked in the back seat when just driving around? Also not sure on the price but it seems in line with NADA.

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Your concerns are certainly valid. A ride in chop is a rough and wet one for sure. We use our older model to cruise lake chains and it's not bad depending on the driver and how much they are paying attention to the waves. We'll still get the occasional rogue wave spray into the boat.

You might be better served with a Sunsetter LXi (better for skiing) or a Sunsetter LX (better for boarding) with those concerns. We have a few crew members that are strictly skiers using both boats that will hopefully chime in.

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I have been watching the various classifieds and Sunsetters seem few and far between especially the LXI. I am not in a rush but I do no the history on this RLXI and it is in great shape.

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Knowing the history is definitely a plus.

I won't be selling ours anytime soon even though some injuries keep me from skiing as much as I want. Mostly just cruise and pull my son who is still learning to drop one for slalom. I can live with the ride even though my family would currently be better served by an I/O or pontoon. We have been out on Lake Tomahawk in 20 mph winds (1.5-2 foot white caps) and we survived going both directions. It's doable but best to pick your days for sure.

Keep the bow up with power and ride the crests. I'd buy another if the right one came along.

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Have to watch taking one over the bow, just like my 1990 Supra Comp.

No problem with the back seat getting wet.

Supra will handle the rough water better, (just because of the size), all other aspects the Response has a better ride.

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I've never ridden in a Supra, but just from looking at the design the Supra has a much deeper V hull so it will obviously handle the rough water better than any ski boat. With that said the Response LX I regularly ski in handles fairly rough water with ease. When you get a cross winds and chop, at slow speeds, the back seat does get a bit wet.

You being a skier, you will absolutely love the ski wake...or lack there of. The boarding wake with the wedge down is great for beginner to intermediate wakeboarders. With that said take your family over to look at the R LXI and be sure you are not going to want a larger boat in a few years. From what I've learned here the Sunsetter LXI wake is amazing for skiing too, and a bit roomier for a growing family.

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Our last boat was a 2005 Rlxi and it was a great boat. It has a great ski wake. As others have said, you can take water over the bow if you're not careful. We never took any spray in the back of the boat so I wouldn't worry about that. If it's in good condition and you know the history, I wouldn't hesitate to go after it. $27k isn't a bad price but you could probably get him down a little.

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The only other boat that is under 500 miles away that is close to the Response I am looking at is an 04 Sunsetter XTI. The hulls appear to be the same. The ssxti has the Indmar Vortec 320 while the Response has the Monsoon 340. The ssxti also has the pop up ski pylon

I am curious how that would hold up. Thoughts between the two?

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I drove a friend of a friends 05 Response today. I really liked it and decided to get serious on the Response I was looking at. I was told that the boat has been sitting in storage for about 3 seasons. The boat has since migrated to a dealer on consignment and they are tuning it up. The price has climbed to $30K. They also said its an 04 and not an 05, It does have less than 300 hours although $30K seems on the high side. Should I step up on the price or wait for another one? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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Hartwell, GA

The boat is on Boattrader but no pics. It should come out of the shop soon. It hadn't been run for 3 seasons after the owner passed away. The dealer emptied the gas tank, changed fluids, impeller etc. They said it started right up after priming and were going to try to get it in the water this week. The only other boats I have looked at were a 08 MC Prostar 214 and an 05 Centurion Tornado. The 214 is very nice but a touch out the range I am trying to stay in. The Centurion actually had a nice wake especially for its size and was in great shape. I am just unfamiliar with the brand which is probably why its more economical than the other boats.

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I bought the boat for the original price before it was consigned to the dealer. It is actually an 04 that was sold in 05. The boat did start pouring water out the heater core on the test drive so they replaced the heater core also. It had 260 hours on it. I have put 10 hours on it and its running great. The only issue was the engine cover hinge screws were stripped. I fixed that on day one. Glad to be on the water again. Thanks for the advise.

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