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connecting fat sacs to stock pumps


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In my quest to keep things simple... my latest idea is to remove the back stock tanks and replace them with a couple of 750 flyhigh sacs or perhaps have fly high make a couple of custom bags that will fit the vdrive lockers. (we mainly surf and i want to be able to switch from regular to goofy on the fly as well as just keep things quick and efficient and not bother with the fun part of filling and emptying the sacs with the external pump)

anyway, seems like this would be the easiest option - take out the stock tanks and just connect the stock pumps (or perhaps upgrade to some faster pumps) to the bigger bags... that would mean the acc switches on the dash would function without having to hook up any other electrical.

seems like there are a few people that have done this out there. can anyone offer any advice?

would the fittings / plumbing attachments from fly high work with the stock tubing on my vride?

thanks all!

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I removed my tanks and replaced with Launch Pads - they are rectangular when filled.

This is a pic of the port side trunk.

Kept it real simple so sacs can easily be removed for cleaning - only 2 disconnects - 1 at the drain pump and one at the fill on top - simply unscrews like a garden hose leaving the stubs in the sac.


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Just pulled the stock hard tanks out last night and replaced with a ProX 750lb. on each side they fit perfect. Come to the Spring Fling at LBJ next weekend and you can get a how to in person.

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Brad - your setup looks very clean. Do you have any pics with the sacs filled?

I've seen the descriptions, just trying to get a more crisp visual. I love the idea of getting some more weight for surfing, but can't give up too much storage.

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I just pulled the stock hard tanks out and replaced them with a ProX 750lb. on each side when full the ProX's fit perfect. I would have taken pictures over the weekend but, our camera was in the shop, I plan to take pictures this weekend of the new set-up both full and empty. The one thing that I did find out is the 750lb. are so big that you will need a shut off valve on the drain hose, I made a loop as tall as I could and the pressure from the sac is still strong enough the push the water out of the boat drain. My plan for now is to add a 1/4 turn shut off valve to the drain hose on each side. Later on when I have some extra money lying around I plan to buy solenoid valves to replace the manual ones.

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