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Anchor - Box Versus Digger


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I have an 06 RLXI and therefore have limited storage. I have read the posts about how good the Box anchor is. I am wondering if anyone has feedback on the digger anchor and if it would be a good second best option as it costs about 1/2 of the box anchor. I assume it holds fine under normal recreational/daytime activities. Has anyone experience the release mechanism failing unexpectedly? Anyone have trouble with it holding overnight under normal/common wind conditions (=< 15 MPH)

Box: http://www.slideanchor.com/box.asp

Digger: http://www.sandspike.com/html/digger.htm

Price differnce = $130 versus $65

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My buddy has the sand spike digger. I thought it was expensive until I saw the box.

We never use the anchor overnight but when we're passed out in the middle of the lake during the day it stays put. The wind is always over 15 mph in OK! The box looks really cool but it should for the $$.

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The box anchor is hands down the best anchor I have used. Well worth the $$$ IMO. I actually have 2 so I can leave it in my camp/hotel area with a buoy and have one for where I'm going.

I have the small one and it holds great even in a pretty strong river current.

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I have the box anchor as well (small) and it holds better than any other anchor I have had. I have not personally used the digger so I can't say one is better than the other.

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I just have to speak up since it was brought up and I do sell the Digger.

Both anchors are good anchors and the Digger has some wonderful features that other anchors don't have.

They are:

The breakaway feature which is nice for various issues:

1. When retrieving your anchor and you bring it up loaded with Milfoil or weeds you can simply give it a jerk and the flukes will drop and the stuff will slide off, very easy clean up before you bring into your boat.

2. If you should ever get your Digger anchor stuck you simply just go directly over your Digger and give it a good jerk and it will release for retrieval.

3. The patented design works great on all types of anchoring situations and will never release unless you are directly over the anchor, and we never anchor directly over our anchors.

4. No chain required

5. Total cost

6. 100% satisfaction Guarantee

I have worked many a Boat Show and have spoken to many customers that have lost their anchors in the past and love the ease of use the Digger provides.

I have spent a lot of time searching for an anchor that I could recommend to others and that I can use when setting up on water boat shows for dealers and events for different boating organizations. The Digger is the one I not only sale but use!

My two cents and after all that you decide on what makes will make you happy on your buying decision


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