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Sliding Racks?

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So a little background info, I have an '03 VLX with the Skylon Swoop tower, I love my boat. However, one flaw I have found is when my bimini is up it is kind of a pain to get my wakeboards out of the racks because the bimini is obviously longer then the tower and wakeboard. I thought about swivel racks and mounting them to the rear vertical pole of the tower but when they swivel on that axis I think they will run into the bimini and be unable to swivel defeating the purpose. My idea (which I wouldn't quite know how to do) would be to mount the racks on the horizontal bars (like they are now) but make them on slides (like a cabinet drawer) so when I want to grab them just unpin the slide the wakeboard can slide back and you don't have to balance precariously on the edge of the boat to grab it. Has anyone ever seen a set-up like this? I think it would be awesome. Just a thought and maybe I can figure out how to build it.

Edit: Upon further thought I'm thinking also add the swivel rack that would swivel when you release the slide lock, so basically you grab the slide lock it releases both the slide and the swivel so the slide allows the boards to go far enough aft behind the bimini and the the swivel is released to swivel it around towards you.

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