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Will A VTX Fit?


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Hello everyone, new guy here. I am looking at purchasing a 2010-2011 VTX and wanted to make sure she will fit in my garage. I am 21' 5" from wall to garage door and 81" for door height. I will be backing it straight in with tongue folded, platform off, wedge down, tower folded ect. driveway is flat and the trailer will most likely be a tandem boatmate, anyone have any input or suggestions?? Thanks in advance, Steve

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I would like to retract my previous statement, this is straight off the web site

Wakesetter 20 VTX - Trailer Specs

Height on trailer tower folded, no tow hoop, no racks 6'-8"

Height on trailer tower folded 7'-1"

LOA, tongue folded, swim off, w/manual wedge down 21'-3"

LOA, tongue folded, swim off, w/power wedge down 21'-8"

LOA, tongue folded, swim off, w/power wedge up 21'10"

LOA, tongue folded, swim on 23'-0"

Total width of Trailer, without guide poles 8'-5"

Total width of Trailer, w/guide poles 8'-10"

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Might have to get a custom straight hoop on the tower, I've seen this on a couple other boats. The factory has provided the straight hoop so it makes the height with the tower folded much lower, not sure if it would be enough for you though.

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It won't fit without some serious hassle as some have shown on here before. I have the same boat on a tandem axle. Of course trailers vary a little bit too, so who knows.

I had to bite the bullet and just pay for storage. It wasn't worth the hassle and I had slightly more space to work with than you.

NOTE: You will need to modify the hoop to get in most likely. Unless you really want to get creative...as some have shown on here.


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I have a VLX with 15" wheels, sportboat torsion axle trailer, 7'4" garage opening and I have 1" of clearance. I had to lower the trailer 1.5" and I have to remove the rope eye on top of tower to fit it in garage. Not sure how Malibu expects people to fit in garages with these clearance tolerances. I know in California a standard track home garage is about 6'10" clearance... luckly my exterior garage I had the door raised up or else I would have been screwed putting it in the main house garage.

The straight tower hoop bar is an option but then it wont work with your bimini top because the rope eye will not line up properly. Or maybe they give you a different bimini top????

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My sisters boat (a bayliner) literally fits in our garage at the river by 1". We put foam on the wall where her swim platform touches and put it straight against the wall, block the tires, then watch the door close with an inch to give. Remove the platform on yours, take off the hoop. Sell the MB and lets get you part of the crew!

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well I just sold my baby of 15 years...... it gets picked up tomorrow. I remeasured my garage door height with the cord pulled and door pushed back. I now have 83" for height to work with now its just the length, any ideas????

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If you are determined to buy the VTX you can always drop the tower, pull the transom, fold the tongue and turn it at an angle inside of the garage. Of course you loose your garage and if your wife parks in the garage you going to hear about it until she: makes you sell the boat or she so tired of parking outside that she gives you the green light to build a man cave big enough to put an LSV in. Depending on where you live, it should take only one winter to accomplish! :lol: If you aren't in a gated community or bound by HOA rules or other city codes a metal framed, tarp sided storage structure might work until you get it figured out. Tough spot, hope you get it figurted out. Bill

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Just remove the hoop bar, only 4 bolts. Might take an extra 10 mins in and out. A bit of a a pain, but worth saving 300-500 a month for indoor storage. (at least that's the cost in my area

This is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you have tower speakers... the bar is under pressure and its a two person job. Might be do-able once a season, but weekly imo would be a pia.... I did it one time and quickly realized it was not a fun task, especially with one person.

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I never buy a boat w/out a proper "garage demo." Even though my dealer is 30 minutes away, they happily tow boats to my house to see if they fit. I suggest you do likewise. You will never know until you try.

Case in point... I was almost positive a VLX would not fit in my garage. A "garage demo" proved this wrong. Same story for Supra 21V that I almost bought... :whistle:



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With a "straight" hoop instead of the standard one, and the board racks slid off, my VLX is 6'11" at it's tallest point (rear leg point of the folded tower). Malibu made a straight hoop for me as I requested it thru my dealer when ordering my boat. So they do can and do make them. Search my old posts and you can see pictures of it.

Removing the hoop each time the boat goes in/out would get old after a while and you will scratch up your tower if you are not careful. Most trailers can also be slightly lowered to get you another 1" of clearance but I didn't have to mess with mine.

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My local malibu dealer is pretty good and only a half hour away and said for sure they would drive one over and make sure it fits. The sales manager said that 83" height would not be an issue. The 105" depth of the garage could be a bit of an issue but he was going to talk to his techs and see what they could come up with. He said maybe having the tongue be fully removable but the brake lines could be an issue. When theres a will, theres a way i guess.....

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yeah i thought about that, I could gain about 3" but i think I would build some kind of a box and box the hole in so its just not some gaping hole in the wall.

yea that's a good idea...idk where you live but you gotta do something to keep the critter outta the boat...lol i thought about extending my garage too...it was easier and cheaper to build a 20x40' shop in my rv parking for the boat and trailer

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the back garage wall backs up to a interior wall so I should not have a critter problem. the side of the house is where I park my enclosed trailer for the bikes and its kind of tight, not an option for getting a boat back there.

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