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340 monsoon wont start help ! pls


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It has power ,when i turn it to start nothing , no sound no crank nothing,

check all power lines, checked throttle in neutral , safety switch in place.

nothing .

any ideas what i can do ,

340 monsoon 2008 model


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mcc, I ran the starter gauntlet with my '10 LSV this summer. $90.00 got it rebuilt with a new solenoid which was the worst off of the two. 10 minute job at max to remove/replace if you can get to it. 2x 9/16 bolts holding it on, a 1/2 nut for the main power wire and a 5/16 nut (closest to the block) for the starter relay wire. Good luck. Bill

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Steve, I was thinkng the same thing when I started diagnosing mine. The kids were constantly flipping the key switch to run to get the Malivue to come on to mess with the radio etc... and the problem was very intermittent so that was the first place I went to fix something! The key switch is so simple the multi-meter discounted that. I went after the starter relay next and it would work fine until the starter got "heat soaked". IIRC it was Shawndoggy who correctly pointed out ithat the realy either works or it doesn't. Fortunately that was only a $15.00 misdiagnosis which left the starter and relay. Took them in to the shop and described the problem and the owners says, "what I'm describing doesn't sound like the starter, but he will bench test it". He takes it back and tests it and all I hear is click, click ,click and I'm smiling the whole time he's walking back. "Yep its the starter"! Anyway the solenoid was toast and the starter was close. Bought it as a demo boat, and you could see where a scum line was above the starter, no truth in advertising there. Anyway it has run like a champ since. One thing of note was that my son thought over the course the previous year that he thought it was becoming increasingly harder to start, 3 cranks, 4 cranks.... until it fnallly went.

I meant starter and solenoid not relay. Bill

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As in another recent thread smack the starter with a hammer. And smack it hard. If the brushes are stuck this could free them.

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