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Steering Issue

Lindsay downunder

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Recently bought a 2006 Rersponse LXi.........really enjoying the boat however if I let go of the steering wheel it violently turns right to full lock

which is a safety issue given I use my boat in the river in Australia. The boat tracks straight so I do not think the rudder adjustment would fix the problem.

The steering is so light that I can easily turn the rudder by hand lock to lock with no effort. I need to do something to make the steering heavier to turn.

Does anyone have any ideas as even the marine shop I go to does not know what to do.

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The boat pulls to the right, because the prop is LH rotation...for every action there is an equal reaction.

Most folks want some "load" on the steering wheel, Not sure if on the 2006, there is a rudder adjustment tab that you can adjust. If there is, there are conversations you can search for that will explain how to adjust.

You can also shave material off the rudder...but you should be dealing with someone who knows what they are doing, as once removed, it is tough to put it back on the rudder.

It will pull to the right, but not as you say be violent. maybe peace loving!!

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FWIW, my 06 has an adjustable tab. Mine also will turn right but not violently unless I'm at WOT, I think the amount force is dependent on speed.

Yes, the desire to track right is dependent on how much thrust (how many rpms the prop is turning)...so yes there is no 1 ideal setting...adjust to the rpm(s) you spend the most amount of time at...say if skiing the course @ 34mph, set it there...

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As noted, this is most likely normal (it is hard to determine from you post how hard it does turn to the right when you release the wheel as it is speed dependent and also dependent on how the rudder tab is currently set).

It is desireable to have a fair amount of right steer torque on a LH rotation (Malibu) boat being used for short line slalom course skiers. The adjustable tab on the rudder allows the owner to dial in the amount of torque they would like to have, so you should be able to dial out some torque steer to suit your needs. Did you purchase the boat from a shortline slalom course skier, that will tell you a lot. It is not that important if you are only going to use it in open water as a perfectly straight path isn't necessary when not chasing buoys. You indicated light steering, so a bad steering cable or a bad rudder bushing is not the cause. Recommendation: adjust the tab and try it, I am going to venture a guess it is adjusted with some torque, so set it even and try that. Measure first so you can go back to the original setting.

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Thanks for all the feedback. I dont subscribe that all the inboards steering pulls as my brother inlaw has the 2004 Response LXI and his steering is perfect. My previous sleekline inboard was also perfect. It requires more force to turn his steering wheel and therfore does not pull to full lock when traveling at 29 mph which is my sking speed.

I will try to adjust the tab. Currently it is set a quarter inch to the left.

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Normal - you just need to grind a 1/4" chamfer on the starboard side of the trailing edge of the rudder...

Every boat is a little different based on the as-built alignment of the rudder, fins, as well as the prop rotation.

Go for it.... if you go too far just grind a little on the other side and restore the symmetry of the trailing edge of the rudder.

Trim to your personal preference. you can make it neutral at 34 mph.....

This is an easy fix

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Yes, I was going to edit my post after re-reading it.

What I meant was as our steering cables age, they get begin to stffen up. Mine got to the point I was almost using two hands to steer around a dock. At this time, the boat did not pull to the right at speed, because the friction in the cable over came that tendancy. When I put a new cable in, I was back to finger tip steering and the abrupt pull to the right at speed.

I would not use your brother in laws boat as a guage for what should be happening, as it may be the case that his cable is far enough along in its life cylce to not allow his boat to pull right. Especially since you say his steering requires more force to turn. It should be effortless. When he replaces the cable, it will pull the same as yours is doing now.

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If its adusted 1/4" to the left, this will kick the rudder harder to the right (turning the boat hard right) than the middle position. Mine was set in the center when I got it and it turned harder to the right than I liked. Its currently set 1/4" to the right and its still pulls right but much less so.

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