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malibu website disappoints me


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They don't even list all the boats they make...Go to the Repsonse and they don't list the LX or the CB, and I am pretty sure they still make both. Maybe Peter can help me out on that?

And yes it would be nice to know what options are available. Colors are nice, but I am sure folks who are thinking about buying, want to know what engines, etc are available.

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It's funny, my 7 year old son downloaded a Correct Craft app on our Ipad. It's a very cool deal, with videos, all of the pro endorsers on there talking about how cool the boats are. It has him convinced that we need a Correct Craft for that perfect wake. I come from a technology background as well. But there is something to be said for having all your stuff together on your website. It's kinda like your resume, If I was running the company, that would be as up to date as possible and as cool and interactive as possible.

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So, the pitiful site contains out of date photos, many of the pictures and videos listed don't match up with the boat it is describing, it doesn't list available options, and now they have taken down ispec.

Mc, cc, and tige all have better websites with more information about their boats. Luckily, I don't buy a boat based on the website, but appearances do count for something.

Maybe it is because I am a technology guy by trade and I am more interested in this type of stuff, but I would give Malibu's webmaster and marketing folks a solid F on website design.

I think a few rears ago I started a thread on the very same topic. I agree and, though I haven't been there, venture to guess the Moomba site is better.

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I hate to criticize. But, tell me where each and every authorized Malibu dealer is ! How hard can that be. On the nice side, that Cindy Gibbs in the video is pretty darn cute !

Do more in telling us why we should buy their boat, and not the competitions.

Steve B.

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I'm curious how the site is actually getting worse over the years instead of better.

That is a really good question. My guess is that Malibu just doesn't think that it is very important - they would be wrong. People that buy these parts are smart and savvy people and they pay attention to the website and the apps.

Just look at the number of likes on this small thread alone - are you listening Malibu?

My offer stands - I would be glad to help them out. :biggrin:

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I like the new boat builder a lot more than the old one, but it still has quirks...

- The send my boat feature doesn't work for me, I have tried a couple different email addresses

- Building out an LSV switching on Progressive doesn't look right, the gel pattern on the lower half of the rear hull doesn't look to match what I am seeing in Pics, also the Malibu logo in the back looks stretched

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