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Heatercraft Blower shot...any where to get a fan blade?

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Had the dreaded heatercraft core fail 2 years ago. Replaced it. Now the fan blade has split in half and needs replacement.

Talked to HeaterCraft, they will only sell me an entire blower motor and fan. They won't sell just the blade. ($120)

Does anyone know if there is someone that sells just the fan blade? It comes off really easily. Is this a common issue with these heaters?

My blade, cracked in two, and when it spins it makes a horrible noise.







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I didn't even think abot that. I just assumed HeaterCraft made it. The black plastic casing is "Revcor molded plastic co. BH7800" and the motor DCM D-001-632. The Fan PN# 1788.

That part number pulls up this site. Thanks for opening my mind a little. http://www.revcor.co...asp?SeriesID=80

I'm not sure they allow consumers to order parts.

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Bingo. Looks like you might have it. Hopefully they will sell retail..... or at least have a dealer who will do it. Good luck. And let us know how it goes.

BTW, Heatercraft is a small company in Rathdrum, ID., which is about 20 minutes north of where I live. I'm certainly not aware of all the details of the company, but I'm pretty sure they are like many companies & buy parts from overseas & assemble & ship from here.

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Yep, that's unfortunate Heatercraft doesn't have a few extra fan blades. Revcor only sells in the hundreds to thousands and won't sell to the consumer (according to their customer service). They directed me to Grainger (which I am unable to find the part).

Just took the fan blade out. It looks like cheap plastic. Probably $2-5. With the vibrations a ski boat encounters, while the fan is spinning, i'm suprised more people haven't reported this issue.

Looks like they changed materials and the newer blowers have a black plastic fan blade.

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Yea, I imagine Heatercraft is buying assemblies, not individual parts. And no doubt that Revcor doesn't sell single pieces.

I'd give Grainger a phone call & ask for a Revcor 1788. Or search the Grainger site for "revcor double wheel", then sort by the wheel diameter, bore size, etc. Still looks like Grainger is asking $40+ for it. :Doh:

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Try a repair with epoxy or similar - i'd give it a shot you dont have anything to loose - dont use too much to avoid balance issues.

Its amazing what you can fix if you take some time with it.

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