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Whinning noise in reverse

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I just bought a 1999 Malibu response. I live in the northeast and was unable to put the boat in the water until yesterday. The problem is when I put the boat in reverse it makes a whinning noise. I owned a correct craft in the past and when you put that boat in drive on the land it made the same noise. Is this from sitting for a long time? any suggestions?

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Initial thought would be that if you put it in gear on "dry land" it is the prop shaft seals squeeling. If you grab the prop and rotate by hand mine squeals like a stuck pig until or unless the seals are wet.Thats a bozo no-no on land as the water is what lubes all of the seals on the output side of the prop shaft. Next guess would be a low fluid level if it is in the water. If the fluid level is good, next guess would be new boat syndrome (different boats, different noises). Both my old Walters and my current Ski-V, V-drives and trans for both sounded different and both were even louder than normal when the access covers were pulled. Lastly and less likely IME is the possibility of water in drive system. Drain or sample the trans fluid and the 30W oil from the VD and check for milkyness, foaming or shrapnel. That should discount any major issues and give you some piece of mind.

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It's normal. The reverse gear is straight cut vs. helical for the forward gear. Straight cut gears are louder than helical gears. I'm guessing the straight cut reverse gear was chosen for packaging purposes as they require a smaller, lighter case. Engineers would probably prefer a straight cut forward gear but consumers wouldn't go for it.

Note: I'm not an engineer just curious and Google savvy.

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Dont put the boat in gear on dry land ! Yikes !

Steve B.

edit: and if you want to start it on dry land, make sure you have a source of water at the raw water pickup.

Edited by Steve B.
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Oberon he said "I owned a correct craft in the past and when you put that boat in drive on the land it made the same noise". You are correct he didn't say reverse. My assumption was that if he put the CC in drive on land, he might of done the same to the Bu. Regardless of which direction the shaft was rotating he would probably get the squeel if it wasn't in the water. SB and I just didn't want him to cause any damage.

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Thanks for the replys. I never put this boat in gear on the hard. I think the noise is just a new boat and it is normal sound of the gears. I checked the oil and everything looks good.. I hope the weather in upstate NY holds out one last time. I would like to get it back out sat.. Thanks again.. Johnny T

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