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Bilge pump help

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I recently bought a 247 LSV, I can see sometimes the bilge pump go on and off automatically, I can even hear the pump working, but I dont se any water coming out of nowhere.

sometimes I have about 2 to 3 inches of water in the hull, and i turn the pump on manually but no water comes out and the water level just doesn´t go down.

I can´t see where is the pump hose connected, but I´ve tried to check that the hose is not disconected and I do not hear any water splashing inside the hull, so the water is not pumping back to the hull...... any advice????

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When you can hear the pump running, look around under the engine. Feel each pump till you find the one running. Now start tracing the hoses up & to the right side of the boat. I suspect the hose has come off the pump or fitting someplace. So the float switch is detecting water, turning the pump on, but it's just pumping back into the bilge again.

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Thank you for your help Bill, I´ve identified the pump, but I cant follow the hose without taking out some panels, but whenever the auto bilge pump comes on, it works for a couple of ninutes and then it shuts down automatically, which to me it must mean that the water has come out, or at least the level has come down so it shuts off.

I´ve tried to hear water splashing or moving inside the bilge, but it doesnt seems like it, so that tells me that it is not recirculating the water to the bilge.

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If you are on the trailer, pull the bildge pump breaker or disconnect the batteries then add some water to the bildge until the bildge pump is compleatly under water. At this point there should be enough water in the system to fill the plumbing to make it out of the boat. reconnect the electrical and see where the water comes out.

Some times the float sw will activate the pump without there being enough water in the system to fill the plumbing. It really doesn't go anywhere at that point.

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When I first boat my VLX, I had the same problem. Bilge would turn on and no water came out. After tracing the hose, I found a section of hose that must have got to close to the exhaust and had melted together. I replaced the hose and made sure plenty of room between the hose and exhaust and now it works great.

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