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Slammed 247 vs. Surf Fin 247


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So we loaded the 2009 247 with factory plus 2600 lbs all on the goofy side, wedge 2 clicks up, 2 people in the boat, and videotaped the wake with the rider holding a pole and the rope at fixed length to try to gauge wake height.

Then we loaded the boat evenly with 1100 lbs in each rear compartment, a home made fixed surf fin, wedge 2 clicks up, 2 people in the boat, and videotaped the wake with the rider holding a pole and the rope at fixed length to try to gauge the wake height.

One wake was taller, smoother, longer, had a better transition, more push, and was much more fun to ride. The other one was shorter, but steeper. Here are the results:

We were really surprised that the Surf Fin wake was the hands down winner.

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I am thinking that just like Correct Craft taking royalties for every wake tower since the inception, Malibu will look for every manufacture that approaches the “intelectual properties” and “dirivitives” of both the intent and spirit of the patent (design). The DIYer that comes out with a design that can bolt on to the platform or mount to the transom might be able to pull off “one offs” but I imagine Malibu has attorneys looking for anything that is even close to their “whizbang” design.

I would buy an aftermarket version myself!!

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This seems to go against the findings the Wheelhouse and others have reported on using surf gates on the larger boats such as the 247.

wheelhouse said he's never tried surfgate in other thread..

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wheelhouse said he's never tried surfgate in other thread..

He couldn't have said it any better himself. :rofl:

I really like the look of the longer pocket, the tip of my Broadcast is about 5 feet from my platform when surfing our Echelon w/o surf fins/gates.

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Seriously, thanks for doing this and posting up the results.

What speed were you running at? I would love to see the wave at about .5 mph faster.

Also, would love to see some close in pics of your surf fin and how you made it.

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Speed of the boat during the video posted at the outset was 10.4. for both tests. Will post pictures tomorrow of the home made surf fin, although Slurpee may sue for patent infringement. :biggrin: Will try to get some pictures at 11 mph next weekend at the latest.

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Below are pictures of my homemade manual Surf Fin. Goals at the outset were:

1) no holes in the boat - I have a teak platform, so one 3/8 hole in each side of the teak was acceptable

2) easy to put on, easy to take off, easy to switch sides. The brackets go on opposite sides with one pin through the swim platform for each (thanks Slurpee!). I then leave the brackets on the platform all weekend. The Surf Fin itself attaches to the brackets with a single pin through the fixed hinges. To switch sides, I pull the single hinge pin, slide the fin off via the keyholes, remove the post (which is just a press in), and then move the post and the fin to the other side (the fin keeps the same vertical orientation, just attaches via hinges on the opposite side) and reattach them the same way. I timed it the last time I did it, and it took 57 seconds to switch from regular to goofy.

3) waterproof, durable, all loose components must float. The fin is made from UHMW plastic, the post assembly is aluminum and Trex (so had to add a flotation pad here), and the mount portion is Trex and UHMW plastic (it does not float, primarily because of the number of stainless screws).

4) wanted the parts that detach from the bracket to be easy to store. The post disconnects, and the fin stores flat.

Anyway, here are the pictures:








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I am curious on the steering too. Martinarcher said he was limited to turning only one way (into fin side) with a fixed fin.

I really like the fixed fin idea, especially yours with the pin/hinge removal.

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To answer a couple of questions:

1) no problems with spray. The fin fits tightly against the back of the boat. The end of the fin farthest from the boat is several inches underwater when the boat is in motion. Not sure if that is what makes the difference.

2) Steering: With a manual fin sticking out the side of the boat all the time, you have to get used to the steering. When the boat is not under power, but drifting forward, it is going to want to turn. Under power, you can countersteer against it, and once you get used to it, it is not difficult to pick up surfers. At surf speeds it is only slightly noticeable. For some reason (probably because of prop rotation), it is harder to steer at slow speeds when the boat is set up for regular surfing. The boat only backs up in the direction of the fin.

How much of a hassle is the steering issue? I would summarize it this way: while the steering is a hassle, that hassle is more than offset by the fact that I don't have to fill up two 750 bags on the seats, lean the boat, make everyone sit on one side, and take 15 minutes to switch from side to side. If the quality of the surf fin wake was exactly the same as the leaned wake, I would use the surf fin with its steering hassle, and forego the other hassles without question. What really cements it for me is that the surf fin wake is not just bigger - everyone in our group agrees that the fin wake is SUBSTANTIALLY MORE FUN TO RIDE, and noticeably makes tricks, jumps and 360's easier.

On the other hand, the steering issue does make me crave an automated TeakGate like MartinArchers. The main things holding me back are the lack of courage for drilling that many holes in the boat, the lack of expertise to automate it, and the cost difference (I couldn't even buy the actuators for the price of my entire manual set up).

I will try to get some 11mph fin video this coming weekend.

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Are you wake surfing or race surfing? I will calibrate speedo first - we have seldom surfed that fast.

I will venture to guess that there won't be much push and will shrink the wave significantly. I screwed around a few manual setups and fin configurations, no matter what, the wave was terrible past 11mph. 10.2 - 10.6 is a good range imo.

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Goota love BuCrew ingenuity. :) Malibu has brought the best out of us with the surf craze. :) Nice job! I like the materials and easy swappability.

We were out surfing with the gates again tonight. I love the wave with gates!

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I slam my boat out, 11.2 to 11.4 are awesome....that speed allows you to do so much more stuff. I do have the OEM paddle wheel.

The 23 LSV surgate I was behind rocked at 11.6 and even 11.8.....NO lack of push.

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