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Mastercraft dumps Medallion system?!


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Did anybody else hear about Mastercraft dumping the Medallion system this year after only one year of use? They have moved to the Murphy system that is found in Nautique and Supra. So, the people that bought 2012 models will have Medallion and all others will have Murphy. Wonder if they will recall and refit those 2012? Wonder why the change?

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The reason for the change it the 2012 Medallion system had/still has tons of problems! I've heard good things about the new Murphy system. I'm sure it's not 100% Medallions fault :_

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I'm happy with switches, easy to work, easy to trouble shoot, and easy to fix.

That's why I bought my 2007 LSV. I didn't like the idea of a computer on a boat running everything. A boat gets wet and eventually so would the computer. Switches handle water better than a computer would.

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That's why I bought my 2007 LSV. I didn't like the idea of a computer on a boat running everything. A boat gets wet and eventually so would the computer. Switches handle water better than a computer would.

I understand where you are coming from, but you do realize that a computer runs your engine? People said the same things about EFI years ago, and now nobody even thinks twice about it because it has surpassed carburetors for reliability and ease of use.

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I look Fwd to the next Vride with snap out carpet! Rocker switches only cost $5 to replace.

I talked to a reputable source at the Malibu plant directly and he said these new boats with all the electronics scare them to death! Apparently they have been a nightmare on his end. He also said - wait until they start failing when out of warranty and people have to pay to replace these things.... Ouch!

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Malibu has used Keysor medallion (now just medallion?) instrumentation for 15 years. Malibu had the first servo driven gauges (electric) that scared some people at teh time. Everything gets better, including MTC. Malivue problems are few and far between. with continuing software versions, all things will continue to improve. As to the hardware being able to withstand moisture, I've seen more moisture-related gauge failures than malivue.

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i never had any problems with the touch screen on my 2011. Electronics have been on all types of boats for years - it doesn't bother me anymore.

There doesn't seem to me near the amount of touch screen problems in 2012 than in 2011 - based on few amounts of problems reported on forums only.

Reading the threads on teamtalk leads me to believe this was something to do with the ECM and Medallion not communicating. I am just curious if it is not more to do with the Ilmore engine ECM and Medallion not communicating. Just found it interesting that MC dumped them after only 1 year. Too bad they didn't dump their tower designer as quickly - that thing is fugly.

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I understand where you are coming from, but you do realize that a computer runs your engine? People said the same things about EFI years ago, and now nobody even thinks twice about it because it has surpassed carburetors for reliability and ease of use.

Yes, I know a computer runs the EFI. But are u gonna tell me that every electrical connection for Malivue and the black box can handle getting wet? The electronics on the motor are tired and true connections, most of which are waterproof. I surely don't want to rely on a computer to do something that a 5 dollar switch can do better. When the computer fries or gets a glitch, you are screwed. When a switch dies, just swap it out in a few minutes on the water. Plus, I've seen the POS touch screen in action when it's cold out, it DOESN'T work.

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Malivue problems are few and far between.

I spoke with the person who sees it ALL at Malibu...... and...... that's not what he said....... I am sure they are improving the technology as they go but I like the switches just fine. They WORK and if one goes out it doesn't require a tow back to the dock..... and $1000's to fix..... I can't however preset rider preferences but whoopdie doo, I gotta hit a few more buttons...

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I remember when they first started putting power windows into cars. Some of the early ones failed before their time and so some people didn't want to have them. The first car my wife and I bought we ordered with manual windows partly out of fear of parts failure and partly out of cost savings. Every car we have had since then has had power windows and we have never had one fail on us. I would hate to go back to the manual crank windows. In fact, we had a rental car a couple of years ago that didn't have power windows and it was annoying to say the least.

I have had absolutely no problems with the Malivue in my VTX over the past 2 seasons. That said, I'm sure that some parts will have problems at some point. I would like to have a back up system for starting the boat if the electronics fail.

The future of automobiles and boats involves integration with computers and electronics.

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If you dont like electronics, dont fly on a plane, drive your car, get on a bus, etc... everything is being operated by a computer these days. There is the opportunity for these items to fail, but on the other hand, they also dont "wear" out. If you are "soaking" your dash with water then IMO something seems strange to me. I have owned a boat for five years now and can never recall a time where I had water on the dash components...

If you want to have a boat that is falling behind the times, then I guess having rocker panel switches is the trade off vs electronics. But comparing a 2007 LSV to a 2013 LSV is a huge difference in hull design, towers, interior quality, features, wake quality, etc... there is very little chance of the maliview/mtc leaving you stranded, if a function stops working 99% of the time you can get back to the dock or even continue boating for the day. I like how Malibu is now offering the keyed backup ignition just incase of a catastrophic failure.

To each is own, but considering how many boats Malibu is producing these days, there are little problems with the electronic components in the boat. That being said, my 2011 with MTC/Maliview did have a glitch in the MTC. It froze up on me one time during the first 50 hours I had the boat. I reported it to the dealer and Malibu immediately replaced it with a newer unit and it has been flawless for over 200 hours now.

I am willing to take the risk of having the electronics with the gain of a newer boat that has so many more upgraded features and advancements over the older Malibu boats.

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What do you guys like so much about the touch screen? The presets? I'd say behind the times would be hand filling/bailing your ballast or throwing a pump over the side. Touch screen or rocker - you still need to hit the button! Did you stand in line for the newest iPhone?

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This is an interesting thread. I like the latest and greatest (own a 2012 VLX). However, from a long term ownership perspective, I would rather it did not have the electronics. I am a fan of keeping things simple and sustainable. When the warranty expires on my boat I will more than likely be looking to unload it. My fear is that 5 years down the line, when Malibu has moved on to a new vendor and installed the latest HUD dash, my old Maliview will not even be available. I would rather change a gauge or switch.

Comparing a custom built boat with the aircraft or even the auto industry is not apples to apples. Take a look at the wiring in an airplane or modern auto and then check out the butt spliced / electrical taped joke of a harness thrown into our boats. I hope Malibu is planning on improving it's integration of electronics for the sake of their customers down the line.

I really wish my boat did something better than NorrisMike's because of the electronics, but it does not.

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i question the utility of a marine product that can't get wet.

we have hit the slalom course at least 6 times (just this year) and gotten VERY wet, in the rain, in doing so.

the rain does slow us down a little bit but we still skied. it's a boat. it's supposed to be wet!

the other good point (that some are overlooking) in this thread is the insane cost of replacing failed computer controllers whose function can, for the most part, be served by a bank of switches that costs a buck two ninety-eight each.

i like computers. fun stuff.

i like bling, too. i also like being able to service my own equipment and being able to do it without breaking the bank (so i can spend that money on other toys).

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I read a story about BMW in that their engineers and R&D folks kept coming up with new "improvement" ideas, like increase HP by 1.02%, increase breaking power, and adding this standard little option, etc...and they would move forward on many of them in general.

When the company started their LEAN program (simply remove various types of wastes) which strongly considers "value addedness," they found that the average customer didn't even care about the majority of what was being "improved." They cared about costs as one main factor and the above type stuff only increased costs!

It's just that those Depts. needed to stay a large part of the proverbial rice bowl, so to say.

Regarding how boats are rapidly changing in higher costs and adding sometimes unproven cutting-edge technology, there certainly may be some lessons learned here, IMHO.

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