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How I installed a GOPRO to my tower


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This is my first post. I just wanted to tell you guys how I installed a gopro hero2 to my illusion x tower pylon and also installed a cable to charge it.

I've read many posts saying the gopro is no good for filming wakeboards/skiers from the boat causing them to look too small because the gopro has a fish eye lens. It can be done, the hero2 has the option to film with a narrow angle lens but only if its set on 1080-30 (resolution/FPS). With this view the wakeboarder looks twice as big as if they would with the wide angle view.

I wanted to mount the camera to the boat so I could film everything, so I mounted it to the swivel pylon on the tower using the gopro tripod mount and a small 1/4inch bolt.

How I did it: I removed the cap off the top of the pylon and drilled a hole in the centre of the cap so I could put a 1/4inch bolt through it so the thread of the bolt is facing out and then screw a nut down on the bolt leaving about 1/2inch of thread sticking past the nut. I had to grid the head of the bolt thinner so the cap would fit back down in place on the pylon.

Each time you need to use it just screw the camera on to the bolt when you want to film using the tripod mount.

The cameras charge only lasts for a few hours and most of the time we are out for 5 or 6 hours so I wanted a way to charge it while it films.

How I did it: I ran a 12volt lead from the back of the cigarette socket, up under the gunwale to the base of the tower then up through the tower all the way near the navigation light. I installed a waterproof USB port just under the navigation light on that flat bit. All I have to do is run a short lead from the USB port to the camera when I use the camera.

Im guessing what I have done is a bit like the maliview, but the gopro hero 2 will film in HD and the charging cable is inside the tower and you can take the camera off and put it on your wakeboard/wakesurf or head etc. very versitile and much cheaper.

I also have the WIFI backpack and remote. So while i'm wakeboarding and can turn the camera on and off while out the back in the water.

I will try to add pictures and a short video.

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The GoPro just chops and crops the 1080 footage. So instead of nice clear video you get like crappy zoomed in video. I have tried this already. It would be good for surfing and thats about it.

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