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Loss of power while driving my VLX


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Recently I've had some issues with my 2002 Malibu VLX (monsoon Indmar). Initially my boat died on the water and found out by taking it to the shop that it was the ignition module that went bad. That part had been replaced because the boat wouldn't even start. Now I have a new issue im hoping others may have experienced to narrow down what I'm looking for. The boat starts fine, but now now just recently while I'm driving it at various anywhere between 5-40 MPH at a constant speed, the boat motor just loses power and sounds like it bogging down, but doesn't stall. Sometimes I can drive it fine for anywhere for a few minutes and over an hour straight with no problems or loss of power. I took my boat out again to test it after replacing ignition wires and drove fine and strong for about an hour and a half and I thought it may have been fixed. When I started to drive it back into the dock, it started again with the loss of power while driving several times, but doesn't stall. I just put it back in neutral each time and gave it some gas and it kept losing power while accelerating. I'm hoping someone else has had a similiar issue and help me out. Thanks in advance for reading this and looking forward to seeing what I can find.

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You may want to check your fuel pump pressure while you are changing your fuel filter. My boat has 2 filters but not sure on yours since it is newer.


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I replaced the fuel filter and it's still doing the same thing. For the first hour the boat runs perfectly fine and after an hour it loses power during acceleration. Once it happens with the loss of power, it does it every single time after I engage. Anyone else have ideas or the same problem with a fix? Thanks again.

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Finally found out what was wrong. I took my boat to a second shop for their opinon and work. I explained to them the history of what had recently been happening to my boat. They found out when I had my ignition coil replaced, the mechanic did not put a dieletric greese on the contacts, which caused the boat to lose power while driving and after running for a while. Now it runs 100% great! Thanks for the help on the board!

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Just had to replace my ignition module this weekend as well. Curious on the dielectric grease...when I installed mine it said to place it on the metal surface where the ignition module mounts to the rotor assembly...is this what they were talking about or the actual electrical contacts on the module. Just checking to make sure....my boat ran great after the install but don't want to run into any other on water issues for awhile. Anybody know what causes the ignition module to go bad in the first place? My boat is a 2001 Sunsetter but it only has just over 100 hrs on it which is why this took me by surprise.

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