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'06 23 LSV Sunscape - can you ski behind it?


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I am looking at buying an '06 sunscape 23LSV - my kids don't wakeboard yet but we wakesurf, pull tubes, and ski and will eventually board. How does this boat do in pulling skiers and tubes? I know it's primary a wake boat but I want something that is somewhat of a crossover boat........is this the Malibu boat that does it the best? How bad is the wake for skiers?

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Depends on what you are used to skiing behind. You could ski behind anything... Dontknow.gif

If you ask me - I'd stick it wakeboarding and wakesurfing... it is a lot more fun anyway Yes.gif

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The Sunscape isn't primarily a wake boat, it's a crossover boat. There are several people here that will chime in when they see this. Do you need a 23' boat? How many people do you normally take out? If you need the 23 then this would be a great choice if you want to ski. There are two different versions of the 23, the Sunscape and the Wakesetter. The Wakesetter will be the wake boat. You can ski behind it but it won't be as good as the Sunscape. The very best thing you can do is ask your dealer for a test ride. Only you will be able to know which boat will work best for you. Go to the dealer and sit in all of them, think about what you will carry onboard with you when you go out. Then go out on the water and see the boat the way you use it.

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Check out the pics of the wake on the LSV. I think it's a wonderful cross-over family boat. Yes, you will make compromises anytime you move away from either the hard-core ski or the hard-core wake boats. But as long as you know that up front, and don't plan on running sets with some of the hard core skiers on this site or turning tricks with Dallas Friday (get your mind out of the gutter), then you'll be fine.

By the way, I was in the same spot you are in about a year ago. We looked at every family crossover boat available, narrowed it down to 4 (MC X-7, Tige 21i, Sunsetter LXI, and CC 216), then down to 2 (the Tige and the Malibu).

So far, so good. The Sunsetter has been great, and I think the ski wake in my Sunsetter is comparable to the one in the picture on the above thread. You've opened up a little can of worms in that the hard-core guys will defend going hard-core one way or the other, and I certainly understand their points. I think the Sunscape is an awesome layout. I did not ski behind it, but just about everyone told me the ski wake would be a little better in the Sunsetter than the Sunscape, and that the board wake for the Sunscape would be a little better than the Sunsetter. In my opinion, it would be hard to go wrong either way. Good build quality, great value compared to other manufacturers, super layout either way.

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I sold my 98 sunsetter last fall and I think it had a great ski wake. While searching for a new boat We skied an 05 sunscape 23 lsv and I have to say that it had a great wake. I ski at 34 mph 15-22 off. It is not a tournament ski wake for sure, but it works well for a great crossover boat if you need more room. I must warn you though that I bought a 247 and thought that wake was big but acceptable. You can hold an edge through but you do need to hold an edge. I would not be afraid of the 23 at all. Good luck Yahoo.gifYahoo.gifYahoo.gif

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As long as you are not a tournament skier the Sunscape will work great. I ski behind my 06 VLX and it works just fine for recreational skiing. The 23' ski hull can also make a great surf or wakeboard wake. Test drive it, ski it, surf it, board it, and then buy it and play happily ever after. Yahoo.gif


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