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Typical Time to Install 2 pairs of Rev10s and 2 Amps


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Just curious if I got charged too much, I have a 2011 WS with 4 factory tower speakers and 1 amp. I upgraded to the Wetsounds Rev10's, got 2 Syn4 amps and a WS420 EQ installed at the local dealer. They charged me 15 hours of labor for installing the components and they told me that was a special deal as it took them more than double the time. Am I crazy or does that seem excessive?

I understand there is time involved but they also charged full MSRP for the components, so i kinda feel they charges were excessive.

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If it is all new wiring than I would say that would be about right. Speaker wire and all. But not double that. Just my 2 cents but I would have wanted all new wiring.

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If they reused (and I bet they did) the existing wiring, I'd be suprised if it took a shop (which has all the proper tools available and ready to use) more than about 3-4 hours. It's not that big of a deal to do at all.

Hell, I just fished a wire in my tower (that had no wiring - had to drill holes in the tower as well), ran it to the back of the boat to tie into the factory wiring for a tower light, and it took a little over an hour. With your tower, it would have probably been a 20 minute job.

You got taken for a ride, especially if you were paying MSRP for everything.

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I think I know where you took it, without naming names. The problem is they are new to wetsounds this year and have never made the investment for a "true stereo guy". I agree that it shouldn't have taken that long, but I honestly could see them taking that long for the install.

Msrp is ridiculous, if they were going to charge you that much labor they should have cut you a really, really good deal on the gear IMHO.

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If you break down the big job into small individual procedures you could have two pair tower speakers, a pair of G3 brackets, new tower harness run, two amplifiers, accessing the source unit connections, re-arranging other components on the amp panel, new supply/ground for the HU in advance of noise, a transverse wire run for the EQ supply plus to/from RCAs, the EQ and mic installation, an underdash mounting bridge for the EQ, the supply and distribution/fusing from the battery switch to the amplifiers, tuning, etc. etc. You might be able to throw it together in 4 hours or it might take the better part of two days depending on how thorough and detailed the job execution was. 15 hours might be a bit strong at a standard marine industry rate or very fair at a typical reduced aftermarket accessory rate. Was it done in house or contracted out. No one really knows the details of the terms and installation so I wouldn't want to comment on the fairness. But it is customary to have an advanced quote based on a piece rate. In the future I would recommend getting an advanced quote with a 10 percent ceiling for the unexpected (noise, etc). After that you should request an update contact for pre-approval of anything extra.


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I agree, I should of got an estimate but yea that was me thinking...it seems simple.

Pete...yes I did not include it but boat...

T-squared your right on. I thought I would shoot them the business so i hit them up during the boat show to see if they could get the speakers. I guess I am the guinea pig.

Thanks for all the feedback

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