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I am having a challenging time deciding on whether to add an equalizer or just use the remote controls from the amps. Here's what I see as the advantages/disadvantages:


1) Obviously all the features and controls of equilizer.

2) If you use 3 amps remote controls, thats almost $100 for 3 knobs. Not too much more and you get the equilizer.


1) Extra money and another component in boat

2) More noise since adding another device in system will always add more noise

3) My LSV has 2 Sony remote commanders. So the remote commanders wont control the volume setting on the equalizer. Which means you need to constantly adjust 2 volume controls (equilizer and head unit/remote). For example if someone puts the equalizer volume down low and you are trying to turn up the volume on the remote control then you can't. Also to minimize noise, the head unit should be the first volume control to go to max (75% volume) before you start turning up the equilizer volume control. So if you leave the head unit to 75% volume, then you would not want to use the remote commanders to change volume but use the equilizer which means the remote commanders are useless for volume control (in the sense of trying to minimize noise). That is only if you are worried about the noise.

4) Kids messing with all the knobs and having to put back all the settings.

I dont see myself adjusting the frequency settings on a daily basis but I do see myself constantly changing my sub, cabin, and tower volumes which is so much easier than the ridiculous head units which don't have knobs anymore. I could see myself maybe adjusting the highs a few times. I wish the head unit vendors would just have all the features of the equalizer, I would easily put out the money for a nice integrated system. Knobs rule......

I may try the Wetsounds WS-420...too bad Sony does not make one that works with the remote commanders and head unit. Anyone know of one?

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I have a new WS-420 that I will sell if you decide to go that route.

Bought it but to make the install more straight forward I just use the stock stereo's fade option to go between Front (cabin speakers) and Rear (tower speakers).

Let me know if you're interested.

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I have the Exile ZLD. Wow!! I wasnt sure about getting it but it just came out when I ordered my sub and amp and was convinced to give it a try. Zero noise! I really like the fact that it boosts your line voltage and you can boost it more by turning up the gains (it comes with gains at 50% and I am running them at 100%). With my factory Rockford deck I now run my cabin and tower amp with the gains set at only 10 or 15%!

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The advantages of remote level controls, whether as an extension of the amplifier or a line driver, is that they only carry a control voltage like a remote control so they do not extend the signal path. All audio remains on the port side with no extended RCA cable paths.

I think of these as zone controls with the HU remote control as the master.

You can mount these underdash, up and out of sight with the three control knobs facing downward. They are easy to operate blind and concealed for the most part.

This is about as nosie free as it gets.

Obviously an EQ has tons of extra bells and whistles. All external processors will add some degree of white noise but I believe that with the right corresponding equipment and the right tuning procedure it can be at a minimum.


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Have an AudioControl 3.2 EQ and love it. I was able to move the amp gains down significantly and have ero noise. I had noise because of the amp gains prior to the EQ. The sub also sounds significantly better. I don't adjust the frequencies much but do adjust the sub level and fader all the time.

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