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the 06 malibus


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have you guys seen all of the new things that they put on the boats this year.

we were just at a show in redmond OR helping our dealer and it was like christmas all over again.

remember all of the carpet problems of last year. no longer, they switched over to a new, thicker one.

and the stainless cupholders are coming stock in some of the models.

We have a response lxi promo and we got the crome pylon. It looks sweet, it adds that certain touch.

(i know that teh pylon isnt a new thing but whatever)

oh and they changed the decals on the response too.

i love it

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Welcome to the site! It's amazing how much effort Malibu puts in to keeping these boats fresh every year - always one-upping themselves :)

Again welcome!


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If this was the same guy that was at the boat show all weekend, he's 16 years old & is ranked #42 in the nation in his group. He skis 32 off at 36mph & is looking to shorten it further this year. We talked for a long time about how different boats ski as well as different lakes, & he is amazingly knowledgeable for anyone, let alone a 16 year old! This kid's the real deal, no doubt about it. :)

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Sorry to high jack, but Wakegirl´s last statement surprised me. Do you mean that you can get different results skiing on different bodies of water ?!?!?! I have heard that the wake is bigger in deep water, but haven´t heard this one yet.

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He was talking about how different ski lakes ski faster or slower. I don't quite understand the physics involved with how that happens, but he's got substantially more experience at it than I do. :) Plus he doesn't come across as someone that blows smoke to make themselves look more knowledgable, so I'll take his word for it.

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I think that he also said that the depth will have an effect on how it skis as well. He said that one lake that he skis at has one end that's deeper & it's noticeably different end to end (can't remember in what way though, sorry).

yes hello

a lake i ski on in banks oregon is like 20ft deep at one end and it skis slower as compared to the lakes i normally ski on which are like 6 to 10 feet deep.

the depth of your lade adjusts where your ski and boat ride in the water

thanks for wilcoming me guys


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Welcome Antonio!

Yes, Malibu just seems to keep coming up with new things every year. This is an expensive hobby/sport Crazy.gif

A few months ago I went to REI with a friend who was looking at getting into rock climbing. After finding out all the stuff he needed he turned to me and said, "geeze this is an expensive sport!" I just looked at him and laughed. He asked why and I said, "And wakeboarding isn't? You bought a 40k + boat, all the accesories/toys, and then a vehicle to tow it!" He paused for a minute and then slowly nodded in agreement :lol:

BTW I have to say that we bought the boat for sport purposes but it has definitely turned into a hobby!

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