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Bluetooth for Rockford Fosgage Black Box?


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Is there a Bluetooth receiver that is compatible with the Rockford Fosgate RFX 3000 Black box?

I just got a 2011 21Ride and it has the Rockford Fosgage Black Box and wired remote in the walk through. In my opinion this is a very poor design and not well thought out. Hopefully I will get used to it, but at this point don't really like the set up. In the past the head unit has always worked well for us mounted in the arm rest.

I'd like to know what others have done to modify the system to give the driver more control of the stereo. I'd appreciate a link to the post if this is a topic that has been discussed in detail before.

Thanks for the help!

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I'm waiting for the Exile audio bluetooth Puck to come out (I think around next month or so). Or you could get the Exile audio ZLD zone controller mounted under the Helm dash which has an aux input that you can hook your player up to on the aux input.

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Good call on the Exile Bluetooth puck. He could plug the 3.5mm jack from the bluetooth puck into the 3.5mm aux input in the glovebox to the RF blackbox. Then you just keep your stereo turned up and control the music from your phone or bluetooth streaming device.

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Good question...I would like to see some type of BT as well. I think having the ability to stream and control via BT would be very helpful! I'm a Wetsounds guy, not sure what they offer.

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I will likely end up with both of those Exile prducts in my boat here shortly, both the ZLD and the puck.

Quick question on the puck, is there any way to hard wire it? I am not interested in worrying about charging it, or that it can last 8 hrs. I would like to hard wire it in a forget about all that.

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I have the clarion blt370. It is hardwired and will work with any HU with an aux-in. http://www.amazon.co...y/dp/B000UC158O

The downside of the blt370 is that it costs half as much as the exile unit and it also provides track skipping features through the a2dp stack. oh and another downside is you could take a call on it, because it's a full featured bluetooth setup.

Because the exile puck is charged through usb, you could probably just add one of these, right? http://www.amazon.co...g/dp/B0047XUDCQ (I added a couple of these in my boat's glovebox to provide phone charging capabilities).

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Are you still able to switch songs, select playlists, etc.. through the black box remote using this or do you have to do it from your bluetooth device?

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I use my iPhone to change the songs however the unit was making a beeping sound this weekend I haven't had time to figure out why it started doing this.

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