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93 echelon does it have a fuse box?

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I have a 93 echelon and I can't seem to get my running lights or horn to work.

Everything else including the inside lights work.

I am also looking for the wiring digram


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I'll look to see if I have the wiring diagram at home.

There is no fuses.

Look behind the dash, just under the computron dash controls and you will see a row of white buttons that should all be depressed. These are the circuit breakers for all the dashboard functions. If one of them is popped out this may be the problem. You can just press it back in and it should reset.

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Thanks guys,

I did check under the dash yesterday and all of the white bottons were depressed.

Thanks again for any insight!

Rode by the lake tonight on the bike and still open for boating Biggrin.gif

I will check tonight too.


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Another thing you might want to do is remove the switch panel and make sure that all of your connectors are snug. I had the same problem and come to find out that the connector had come lose, my guess is from years of hitting the waves the eventually had losened enough the not make good contact. So I would check the make sure that all of the connections are nice and tight to the back of the switch box. you should be able to remove this once you have losened the four bolts in the corners.

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well, I think you answered my question too. I was searching everywhere for a fuse box, to no avail. I found the circuit breakers as well.

I do have a quick question though. since I am not mechanically inclined at all. My temp gauge is not working at all. is there something else I can check, since it is not a "fuse" that is out?? I would rather not leave it at the shop if it is a easy fix.

thanks, and sorry for the hijack.


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Not sure about the '95' but on the '93' the temp sensor was mounted on the riser that houses the thermostat. If you replaced the thermostat and don't replace the gasket with a conductive one, the sensor may no longer have it's ground. I know this from experience!

If you have an ohm meter, you can measure the resistance of the sensor to make sure it is working ... can't remember the range but maybe someone can provide it. Anyway, it should change as the engine heats up. If it doesn't or is zero or infinity ohms, it needs replacing. To measure it, remove the wire and put your ohm meter from the terminal the wire was connected to, to the block of the engine.


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