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Battery Question For Stereo System


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I just bought a 94 Skier with a Monster Tower, 2 Wet Sounds Tower Speakers, 2 Boss 8" subs and 2 boss 6x9's. This system is powered by a JVC Head Unit, a 200 watt JVC amp and a 760 wtt Pioneer "Power Supply." I know absolutely nothing about stereo systems. After doing a little research I have decided I would like to switch out all of the Boss speakers with Wet Sounds. However, my question at this point is can I run my boat and current stereo system off one battery? We like to pull off in coves and kill the engine while listening to the radio and hanging out. We usually do this for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before we start the boat up and take off playing again. Is there a good battery that will allow me to do this and still crank my engine or do I need to convert to a dual-battery system? I would prefer to stay with a single battery if possible due to limited space on my closed bow boat. Any suggestions you guys can offer will be greatly appreciated.

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It all Depends on how long and how high the stereo is playing, also amp efficiency which I don't think pioneers are very efficient.but it is always nice to have a spare starting battery so you don't get stranded and have to jump it.i know what you mean about limited space as I have a 98 response with little room, but like I said its always nice not to worry about having a dead battery just flip the perko switch and start.

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Thanks for the feedback. I've had some other people recommend the Optima Blue Top. What are your thoughts on this battery? I know if is more costly than most, do you guys consider it to be over rated or worth the investment?

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The Optima's are good batteries - but you can do better on price per amp hour.

If you are wanting to go sealed then the best bang for the buck is the Deka Intimidator AGM Line. These used to be called the Deka SeaMate's but are no longer carried under that name. The Deka Intimidator 9a34m would be very similiar in size to the Optima D34m. Same size, same weight, same reserve and same amp hours. Deka also makes as Series, 24, 27, 31, 4D and 8D all in the sealed AGM line.

If you don't want a sealed battery - then any lead-acid such as Interstate will do.

An Optima D34m will cost you about $220 and a Deka 9a34m will cost about $145. The Deka warranty is twice as long.

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If you are wanting to play your stereo with the engine off - I would look at the 20 ah rating and then the reserve capacity.

Anything in a dual purpose or cranking will be fine to start your boat - I would not drop below 600CCA but I dont think you will find to many batteries that don't have that standard.

There is not going to be much differentiation when it comes to cranking, amp hours and reserve capacity bt/ brands. The size of the battery willl determine this. The more lead in a battery, the more RC and the AH, the more it weighs and the more it costs.

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