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Good question. I assume Malibu would be willing to sell you one for a geographic area that did not have a dealer. Tracie, why don't you call Malibu and find out?? Biggrin.gif

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I think that this is a completely innocent question, but not one that I can answer. The obvious things come into question:

- What kind of a market is there in your area?

- How close is the nearest Malibu dealer at the moment?

- What other competition will you have & how good are their service departments?

Lots of other things I'm sure, but I would think that those are the major ones to start off with trying to answer. If you're truly serious about it, we have a few dealers on the site that may be able to speak to this, either publicly or privately.

Welcome to the site. :)

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Sorry. We don't mean to ignore you. Those of us that are dealers that also participate in the site are right in the heart of our boat show season and I can't even begin to explain all of the work that goes into getting ready for them. If you can hold off until the second week in Feb, I'd be happy to share my experiences and any information I can. Where do you live?

I, along with another member, replied to you on "the other site" as well. There is a post about being a dealer on there. In some cases, the members best suited to answer your question are not on these sites everyday. Most people are willing to help and answer your questions, but not all questions can be answered in a couple sentences.

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How does someone go about getting a Malibu dealership?

How much money you got?

Funny story, a guy once told me: You want to know how to make a small fortune in the boat industry? Start with a large one!

Good luck! :)

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Someone needs to convince Malibu to sell another dealership in Houston. Darryl Moore Marine is the only game in town here, and while their people are nice, their service really sucks. No such thing as "service after the sale" there!!!! Takes forever to get anything done, and don't even get me started on parts Mad.gif Holy cow.....takes months and you are lucky to get the correct item. Surprised.gif

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Hey Gordo. I have had the same experience at Bridge City out here in Oregon. They cannot get a part or service a boat without totally messing it up. They know that they are the only option and I never felt like I was being taken care of.OK, im done complaining. This all happend two years ago.

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JeffK - I would be interested in looking into the economics of a dealership. Probably an academic exercise on my part, but if you would be kind enough to copy me in whatever information you share with the other member, I would appreciate it.

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I am not CC dealer or anything like that. I just feel that where I am from we need another dealership and me and my partners have the means to get it done, if Malibu will let us.

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