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Installing a slalom course


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I need help.. Crazy.gif ...I will be installing a slalom course in salt water next month...once the water is good and frozen. Yuk.gif How will coated cloths line work in salt water? We currently use the stuff on our fresh water course, but I thought there might be some interaction with the salt and corroding of the wire.

What do you think? or recommend?

Will the coating protect, with no risk of corrosion?

This cable will go from the anchor to the sub.



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we have our course in salt water, and we use the coated stainsteel line from accufloat (or whatever their name is now). if you are just doing single lines from an anchor to a subbuoy, i would imagine the coated clothes line will work. if they are all connected like in an accufloat system, i wouldn't think it would hold up too well though. i look at the lines that I use for anchors for my lift (i have a floating lift that i use anchors to keep from hitting the dock), and they are pretty abused when i pull them up at the end of one season.

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the stainless steel mainline we have replaced once in 18 seasons (we do pull it out during the winters). we have replaced a couple of the sections once or twice if they break and they are beyond repair (sometimes the "looped" ends can be jury rigged till the end of a season).

For the mooring/float lines, i can go several seasons, but I am using really think anchor/mooring lines. they are taking the bounding of the wave action, salt water, weight of the BU and lift. Not sure how the clothes line will do, but I am sure it will be MUCH less stress on them. Our biggest problem is barnicles/oysters, which seem to make the rope more stiffen and brittle.

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I guess as long as the line is only attached to the sub, I will have a shock(elastic) cable attached to the turning ball, I may be ok???

This shock cord will stretch with fluctuations in water level.

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i think that will be fine. i assume you are putting this all in when the water is frozen so you can do measurements? are you anchoring each buoy, and there is no water depth/tide/current?

we found that where we are, it was just a lot easier to spend the money on the system and use the PVC pipes to keep everything in line. this is where you would see all the stress on the rope/wire.

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