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Post pictures of your first boat


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Rules: Must be your boat (not a boat you ride behind a lot, your parent's boat, friend's boat, etc.), and can't be your current boat. Co-owning the boat counts. :)

I sold my first this year after we bought our Malibu (I refused to even list it for sale until I had another boat...took 3 days to sell this one without even trying).

1989 Sea Ray 160. Owned it for just shy of 11 years. 3.0L Mercrusier 4-banger (that I had to replace with a new crate motor after grenading the original). Totally worthless to wakeboard behind but we still did. It pulled my 225lb a** up on slalom with a few people on the boat while drowning in the process. Top speed of a whopping 34MPH with low fuel and only 2 people on the boat. It would probably do 36-37 with a different prop but it needed all it could get on the hole shot. Regardless, it served me well and I sold it for $800 less than I paid for it. :)




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That's funny!

My first boat was my Dad's 1978 Glastron 16" with an 85 hp Evinrude that we still have today.

The first boat I owned myself was a 1990 Sea Ray 180 BR-OB with a 135 Mercury Blax Max Outboard. I agree, bad to wakeboard behind but with a High 5 Stainless prop it pulled me (at the time 195lb) ona slslom with 6 people in the boat no problem. Great slalom boat!

With the 3 blade Stainless that came with it, got it up to 61 mph on the river with my wife (at the time) and 4 kids.

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Here's my 1996 Ski Sanger, Had it for 13 years, Sold it For 14500.00 With 845 Hr's on it!! Thats one of Scott From Samson's First Towers, It was called a Phat Budddy Tower sangair012.jpgsangair016-1.jpgsangair011.jpg

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1996 Maxum 1900SR. I built the tower myself in 2001 before they were easy to come by. Had the aluminum bent to shape and myself and a buddy fabricated all the components and welded it up in his shop.

post-11113-066654700 1316274294_thumb.jp

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1996 Maxum 1900SR. I built the tower myself in 2001 before they were easy to come by. Had the aluminum bent to shape and myself and a buddy fabricated all the components and welded it up in his shop.

need to get more skilled at attaching pictures. Notice the HOT Clarion marine speakers.... in hindsight they sounded horrible but in the day I thought they were awesome :whistle:

post-11113-060901600 1316274464_thumb.jp

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That looks very similar to my first boat that I posted. Details?

Yep, same model. I think mine was an 88. I had it for 3 yrs back in like 1992 - 95, learned how to wakeboard & ride AirChair behind it. Even tried weighting it down with sand bags. The thing was a tug. I sold it after my brother bought an 88 MC Prostar & we found out what it was like to ride behind a real boat.

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This is as close as I can come to a picture of our '78 Glastron SSV-177, metalflake rust color. We have no digital pics of it, and the photo album is hours away from me right now, so I can't scan an old photograph. We bought it used in 1980 and had it until '98 when we bought our first 'Bu, a Response LX. It had the 165 Mercruiser inline 6, and she did a pretty amazing job. Slalom wake was HUGE and hard. When we sold her, she looked the same as when we bought her. Just a word of advice: Don't ever sell your boat to your next door neighbor. One of the first days that they had it, they left it all night with the cover off, and it broke our hearts. Thankfully, our neighbors sold their cottage and we haven't seen the boat since. As much as we loved the RLX, it would have been tough seeing that old Glastron deteriorate in someone else's hands at the dock right next to ours.

I'm breaking the OP's rules. Technically, this was my parents' boat, but I will always consider it my first boat ... at least my first boat that I could ski behind. My own true first boat was an 8 1/2 foot hydro with a 9.8 Merc on the back. Again, this is a pic from a Google search, but that's the exact shape.

post-14286-057599200 1316286705_thumb.jp

post-14286-017158300 1316287896_thumb.jp

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My first boat was a 78 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes. Absolutely loved that boat! Bought it from the origonal owner and owned it for 9 years and then had a family and outgrew it or I would probably still own it today. Boat had a 351 Windsor that I put GT-40 heads on, Clay Smith camshaft, electronic ignition, had the distributor recurved, SVO intake, Holley carb, upgraded to the bigger prop shaft, OJ prop and upgraded to newer gauges. Use to miss that boat......until I got my SSLXI :rockon:021_21.jpg027_27.jpg100_2779.jpg100_2788.jpg

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Another stock pic of the Glastron. Man, this brings back so many memories. When we brought it home for the first time, my brother and I slept in it in the garage.

post-14286-019227400 1316288584_thumb.jp

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Just a word of advice: Don't ever sell your boat to your next door neighbor.

I sold mine to someone I know - within the first couple of weeks a tire blew on the trailer, he broke the outdrive working on it (reved it in the driveway with it all the way up), then his dad hit the trailer/outdrive with his truck backing up. Hasn't ran since, lol.

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'92 Euro F3. I bought it from my father in law when my wife and I moved into our lake side house a year after we married. She was a great boat and it makes me a little sad looking at these old pictures. That said, I would not trade in my SSLxi for the world!




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2007 Yamaha 210. Twin engine 220hp. Ran 50mph. Terrific boat, very very well made, jet drives were great, very little maintenence...great all around boat, but fairly terrible at anything much above beginner wakesports...very very hard to hold a solid speed at 10-12mph, or 22mph, and becomes very weak when you try to add weight to sac it out.



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