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Buying first wakesetter... 23 lsv or vlx??


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Hey guys, first time with buying a Vdrive and very excited about it. I am trying to decide between the 23 lsv and the VLX.. Likely be an 07 or 08 model. I do 60% of my riding on a larger lake that can sometimes get choppy if the weather changes and about 40% of my riding at my place in northern Canada where the water is always calm but usually cold (my problem). Having said that, there are a few things I am taking into consideration...

1. Storage, my driveway in southern canada is not super large (standard 2 car garage width).. so the extra 3 feet savings could be of use..

2. Transportation, I will be towing with an F150 Fx4 so I doubt there will be any issues with either boat, but once a year I will be making a 1900km round trip to the northern house with the boat so if the 23 towes alot worse than the vlx, it could also be a point for the smaller boat.

3. I imagine the larger boat might be better for me with the rougher waters, and to be honest, I am leaning in that direction for this reason alone. Especially if there is not that much difference in the towing of both boats.

Any insight would be great..


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The hull & profile on the two boats are very similar so I don't think we've ever noticed that they handle much different in rough waters. I believe the LSV & trailer are close to 800 lbs heavier than the VLX & trailer. Plus more room to load gear, bigger gas tank, etc. I would think the LSV & trailer alone would be fine on the F150, but loaded up might push it's limits.

I think I'd base it on how big a crew you usually bring along, how big your driveway is, & the capacity of your boat slip &/or boat lift capacity.

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And how much space you like inside a boat. I went with the LSV just because I came off of a 21' DD and couldnt stand the lack of space. I've heard others say this forum is swayed towards bigger boats and perhaps the LSV is more common on this forum. I say if you've got the driveway space and the coin, go big baby. I have no experience with that tow rig so i can't comment.

One thing I will say is that the LSV needs more weight to rock the big wakeboarding wake since it's a bigger boat. I don't think it's a deciding factor but if you do get the LSV get more ballast than you think you need, better to have too much than too little.

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Any insight on comparison between the VTX and VLX... I'm just wondering because they are only 1 foot difference right?? and I imagine the cost is lower on the VTX and it likely tows better.... to what extent though I imagine is of small significance...

VTX isnt out of the question for me but I imagine I wanna be at least into a VLX..

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