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Weighting a '05 LSV?


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So I purchased 2 Pro X Series 400 lb. sacs towards the end of this past season. I didn't get to experiment much with them so I was hoping for some opinions.

The couple of times I got to use them I really only filled one up in the walkway which seemed to work decently well when we had a large crew. Keep in mind that I DO have the bow ballast. Once with just the CFO and myself, I filled one in the walkway and put the other in front of the back seat. This (obviously) seemed to be the same effect as previously mentioned as it just took the place of the missing people.

So my question is: What are people's opinions on how it would work putting both 400 pounders in the trunks with the rest of the ballast being stock (1250) and the wedge? I'm looking for a little more of a vertical wake so I think this would help. I know the VLX needs a lot of weight up front, but the LSV bow rise is much less significant and I believe can take more weight in the back. I know lots of people follow the 60/40 rule from back to front and this would accomplish that...if you don't factor in the wedge. Anyone tested a setup similar to this?


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I have found that more weight in the rear typically makes the wake more rampy, but the best way to find out is to try it out and see if you like it. If it works you should be able to splice them off the factory tanks.

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We fill all standard ballast on our LSV - MINUS the locker opposite the surfer. IE if the surfer is goofy (right foot forward) we'll deploy the Wedge and fill all tanks, but EMPTY the port rear locker. This gives the boat a little 'lean' in favor of the surfer's side.

With the situation above, we then put two(2) 440lb sacs in the starboard locker. This really starts the boat to leaning. We then have EVERYONE sit on the side of the starboard side as well. It doesn't really matter where in the boat, as long as it's on the correct side.

If you can get someone standing on the gunnels and hang off the tower - like RiverRunners setup, you'll get even more ramp in your wake. I've got lift offs so it makes it really easy to climb up there and hang.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

I've got a short video of me surfing with this setup, I'll try and get it up on the web. Dialup restrictions and all... ugh.

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I think that eubanks is talking about weighting for wakebording.


I guess that we should get our terms straight>

Weigh in the back = taller/steeper

Weight in the front = longer/smoother

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My bad. Let me know if you want info for surfing.

My wake for boarding is incredible. Wedge & full ballast 65-70' out 21.5MPH. Cut hard and FLY!!!!

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My friend goes HUGE with a 65 ft rope full ballast and wedge, and i think he rides at 23. Well I cant find any pictures that do him justice. Ridding with him full ballast the wake is huge, then adding more ballast, i dont know if thatd help me as much. Having a bigger wake just makes it scarier comming in, and im not really at the point where another foot will help me land a trick.

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