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From I/O to inboard


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A little history about me - I grew up boating, but we always owned bass boats. I have always wanted an inboard, but my family are fishermen first, tube riders second, and skiers third. My wife and I bought our first boat last year - a used 20 foot Chaparral bowrider with 5.0 MPI Inboard/Outboard. It was a great boat to get the family used to boating, but I knew we would eventually sell it and get an upgrade. I have always a ski boat and now my son wants to ski and wakeboard so getting an inboard was a no brainer. We sold the Chaparral and bought the 2011 VLX.

So I got to go out this afternoon and spend some time getting to know the new boat. I decided to go after dinner because there is usually nobody on the lake or boat ramp. I could take my time and get to know the boat and differences between the I/O and inboard before the holiday weekend coming up. I didn't want to be completely clueless while dealing with the 4th of July crowd.

Couple lessens I learned today:

- The malibu gets a lot of attention at the boat ramp. People love to talk about inboards and look at/in them. You have to be prepared to talk about the boat.

- You have to back the boat farther in the water compared to I/O. Maybe because the boat is flatter on the bottom and sits higher on the trailor...just guessing here.

- there really is no steering in reverse. Holy cow that takes some getting used to.

- maneuvering around the dock at idle speed will take some practice. There was nobody at the dock so I was able to practice a little, but I still need lots of practice.

- the holeshot is amazing!! The boat just jumps on plane and hauls arse.

- lack of bow rise is awesome. I can see in front of me when taking. Drinks and gear don't go rolling to the back of the boat.

- steering is so nimble and precise. It is so fun to drive. Driving the boat really is very very easy.

- getting ready to launch and cleaning up at the end of the day is a breeze. no trim to worry about, no transom support to put back on, and no key to keep up with (thanks to MTC).

- i love the lower bow. when pulling down the road on the trailer, it does not act like a parachute behind me like the bowrider did.

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it's hard to ever go back once you've crossed over to the dark-side. actually, i can't think of anyone that has. if you REALLY want to see what an inboard is like, snag a ride on a dd tournament ski boat. preferably malibu, of course :biggrin:

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- there really is no steering in reverse. Holy cow that takes some getting used to.

I also came from the I/O world (as many did) and found that quick engage/disengage moves while turning, even in reverse works quite well. After the 3rd trip out I was 90% confident in my ability to park at the dock and move around with ease. I learned a lot on trip #2 and put a nice scratch on the hull learning what to do around a dock. Did you post pics in another thread? If not, we need pics!

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My new VTX is the 1st boat I have driven that has even has reverse!!

My last boat was a direct drive with a soft clutch, my in-laws boat before that was an old direct drive with no clutch/tranny of any kind! Just key for on and key off to stop!!

I am sure you will get used to it :) :)

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The other key lesson is that if it ain't in gear you really have no steering ability at all. Especially at slow speeds.

I have learned to slowly go in and out of gear when approaching docks, other boats, etc to control it.

Welcome to the Club!

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I learnded a lot as well coming from an IO to a real boat, I will never go back. As mentioned earlier go slow and bump in and out of gear around the dock and other boats, use the reverse tendencies to your advantage (it will always do the exact same thing). By the end of the season you will be able to do things that you never dreamed possible in an IO. Be careful, go slow and dont beat yourself up too bad those little dock scratches usually buff right out.

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Yes, pic are in another thread I started.

I am learning the bump in and out of gear technique. I am guessing that it does not hurt the tranny in the long run.

Agreed, I don't think I could ever go back.

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You will get used to the reverse characteristics, they will turn easily one direction, just not very well (or at all) in the other, practice helps. The non articulating prop is sensitive to which way it (pushes v pulls) the water across the rudder.

One item you will notice is how firn and controlled the pull is when skiing / boarding and the driver will really appreciate the tracking fins and how the boat barely moves from side to side while pulling someone. The consistent speed will also be a very noticible aspect, you will not pull down the speed of the boat nearly as much as a typical non tournament type boat (much better prop), but you will notice probably less top speed as these boats keep more hull in the water. A full width platform is really a great feature and makes water egress much easier. Enjoy.

One more tip, spend some time learning how to (slowly) come up to a downed rider and pick them back up, bring the platform right to them when they are done and lastly, certainly learn to keep the rope away from the prop. Rope removal from a direct drive prop is a big pain, as unless on the trailer or lift, it is an underwater chore.

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...lastly, certainly learn to keep the rope away from the prop. Rope removal from a direct drive prop is a big pain, as unless on the trailer or lift, it is an underwater chore.

and often requires the cutting of the rope. i've made that n00b mistake.

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