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Damaged Prop


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I continue to pay the stupid tax. At some point I hope to be paid in full and be tax exempt. I was launching from a boat ramp that did not have a dock at Center Hill lake. I was trying to get close enough to pick up my crew. I was drifting too close to the bank and turned to go out when I hit a rock. Man that is a sickening sound. I dog eared all three blades. I had a little vibration but managed to salvage the weekend. I have a good prop shop and they charge $125 to fix the prop. I need a spare if there is any benevolent person out there that is willing to sell one at a very reasonable price or know where I can get one. I am running at 13x13L with a 1 1/8 shaft.

Other than the prop issue we havde a great weekend. My wife and two daughters all skied and that made it all worth while.

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Bummer dude

Will be out at Center Hill this weekend and can offer free boat rides for the kids on Saturday if needed. Have a friend with a houseboat on H dock at Hurrican Marina. Need to find some crew members with a Pro Slayer to demo. Send me a PM if I can help.

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Speaking of damage to props, I have nicks in 2 of my 4 blades (it's a new boat this year). They're probably about 1/2 the size of a pea. I don't notice any vibration, but what's the standard for getting these fixed? I boat in a river most of the time with lots of wood in the water....so I expect this to happen a few times a year.

I heard that unless I feel vibration, just do it at the end of the year....thoughts?

@M_alibu - sorry to hijack your post :innocent:

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I don't wanna be Debbie Downer here but, you really should not have run the boat all weekend with that (or, any) vibration. That vibration will do un-told stress and damage to the drive line.

But, now that that's water under the bridge, you really need to have the engine alingment checked in addition to getting a spare prop (which everyone should carry IMHO).

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Used props are hard to come by, It is time to get a weekend saver kit or build your own, ACME will sell one in a bag for easy storage. At a minimum you will need a spare prop, prop key. nut, cotter key ( if yours is so equiped) puller and wrench. Practice once while in the comfort of your own dirve way without a bunch of people making snide comments. After that just make sure you have it with you.

Oh and those of us that carry spare props do it for a reason. :whistle:

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I agree with others.

Get a prop and all the tools. Bakes sells a hard case that slides under the back seat of my truck quite nicely.

That way, if you do some damage you can make the change, save the weekend, then get the damaged one repaired.

Smart investment.

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Agreed, I got the puller kit with bag that stores my spare. Pricey, but worth the peace of mind of not loosing a weekend.

If get the puller kit, make sure you buy a dead blow hammer to add to the kit. One valuable tool they forgot to include.

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I have a spare 4 blade prop that I would be willing to sell. Its not new and at somepoint been reworked. When I purchased it the guy said it had been balanced and worked fine.

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I have a spare 4 blade prop that I would be willing to sell. Its not new and at somepoint been reworked. When I purchased it the guy said it had been balanced and worked fine.

Email me at [email protected] and lets talk about it. Thanks.

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