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Wakeboard grip problem


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I have kindof a weird problem it seems when I wakeboard for some reason my hands are very weak so they hurt very quickly from boarding. It hurts on my knuckles I guess all the sports and boxing has messed up my hands. I wear nice ronix gloves now trying to help it but not doing much any body have any ideas that will let me hang on with very little effort.

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Masterline, Straightline both have "curved" gloves that help reduce the stress of holding onto the handle. More for skiers but a boarder can use them too. I use them and love them ... there have been some complaints that some times you hold on the rope a little too long when crashing.

I have a hand gripper thing in my car and truck and have gone through at least 20 of them ... you'd think I'd have fore-arms the size of Popeye by now.

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Clincher gloves have a dowel built in that makes it really easy to hold on. When I used them the only bad thing was the handle pass. Sometimes the strap holding the dowel can twist. Try them you'll love em.

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ditto the grip strengtheners geared towards rock climbing.

Better yet, go to a rock climbing gym 2x a week. Excellent work out and how I got up to a 1 finger pull up. Course that was 10 years ago :( now I am just happy to do a pull up.

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You may want to try out another handle. I have a Proline LG or LGS series handle with a chamois grip and a triangular cross section that is very easy to hold on to. Every time I ride with a different handle I can feel a huge strain on my grip. I don't even think about it with the Proline. I've never been a fan of gloves so this was a great solution for me. Just be sure to take off rings when using this handle as they can tear up the chamois material.

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Thanks for all the help I really like the clincher glove looks like it would help alot. seem to be hard to find. Jasonk where did you get yours at? Thanks

also just went out and bought a hand strengthener see if that works as well.

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