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Aight, so whad ya get?


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I pretty much got my wish. A HL Murray setup '05 Murray 138 Bio2 board and '05 Murray bindings. I'm really stoked. Hope to try 'em this week.

Rain, rain, go away!!!!!

What did Santa bring you.

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I bought myself a new camera.

A Sony cyber shot T-7 with 5mega pixel, enough for my use.

The reason I got this one was it's size,it fits in my pocket.

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New trailer guide pole covers w/ the Malibu logo.

Off Topic - as I was typing this, the Cincinnati News just showed a Malibu boat pulling Santa and Reindeer behind it in the Ohio River today. Ironic - thought I'd share.

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some money...a beretta xx-treme pellet gun(just plain ridiculous), Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy(fav film), a large sum of money. with the money i bought a 4 gig ipod nano(that i can't get to work), and a sweet burberry polo shirt...gotta impress the ladies ;). saved the rest of it for some other stuff: new watson boots, an 06 3ds, an acme 653, pro-x v-drive sacks, pro-x tsunami pump, dragon mx goggles, white brothers silencer, new bars, new black plastics. i wish i had enough for all that stuff...but i guess working isn't going to be so bad.

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Extended side-view mirrors for the truck: it's harder to see behind the boat with the Rankin cover on it!

Also got a rechargeable LED work light to keep on the boat for maintenance and in the truck for setting up the tent after dark!

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I got a dvd burner lord of the rings fellowship of the ring extended edition, and myside, a good wake dvd, and what looks like a week of rain, looks like no ridding this week, I am so ready to go.

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I got a Malibu t-shirt, touque, and hat. And I got a Dremel tool.

I think i am starting to aquire too much Malibu clothes. I already bought a bunny hug and t-shirt just before I bought my RLXI. People are going to think i'm nuts soon because all my clothing has boat/ski names on it. Does anyone else have this problem where everything they own says Malibu or some other boat/ski name (clothes, hats, vehicle, screensaver, desktop, etc......)? I thought I fixed this addiction by feeding it with my new RLXI, its getting worse now.

My present to myself this year was some 2-way radios and XM Sat radio that I just bought today. (I am sooooo in love with sat radio now, I hate the local radio stations here).

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I ordered a Porter-Cable random orbital buffer for my wife to give me and a $50 gift certificate to autogeek.net from my mother-in-law...I am sooo thoughtful. Biggrin.gif

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Since I had pretty much just got a 21' hunk of fiberglass sitting in the garage I really didn't "want" very much, Lord knows we really don't "need" anything.

One of the best things I got however is something I gave. My high school daughters told me that they wanted to start playing golf with me. Having shown no interest in this before I was pleased and a bit touched, (maybe there is a boy or two at school that play golf, buy I'm hoping it's me). So I got my girls a lesson series from a juniors pro at the club down the street. They seem really excited and so am I about the prospect of spending time with them on the course. :)

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I got mine early but is was still great!! a 4000sqf toy box for all MY toys. We buy big toys year around so we just spend all of our time and money on our boys.


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One of Santa's little helpers delivered my biggest present : a used CDX with Animal boots. Then, my wife gave me a new rope with section markers, a Greptile handle, and Greptile gloves. I'm set. Now I just need some heat and water in the lake!! Cry.gif

But, the boat show is only 4 weeks away.... :)

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One of Santa's little helpers delivered my biggest present : a used CDX with Animal boots.  Then, my wife gave me a new rope with section markers, a Greptile handle, and Greptile gloves.  I'm set.  Now I just need some heat and water in the lake!! Cry.gif

But, the boat show is only 4 weeks away.... :)

Nice I'm jealous!!

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Nothing really for us, we spent it all on our son's first xmas.

Here as well. Mrs, MM got a gift certificate for clothes (she never likes what I buy for her), and I got a nice Colts hooded sweaty. We decided to spend it on the kids this year. Once again, we were blessed.

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As far as boating gifts go I got a 540lb fat sack and some binding lube. But I got hooked up totally out of the blue with a sweet North Face Apex jacket, North Face ski jacket, and gortex shoes/boots Rockon.gif I also got a digital camera, money, and other stuff....

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I just love the gifts that are given just so you can do work....

Ah, but it makes work easier... that is the gift

.... you know, like giving a new vac Crazy.gif

Well come to think of it I did get the wife a whole pot and pan set one Christmas ROFL.gif

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Picked up a new wheelset for the mountain bike - merry christmas to myself - and the wife hooked me up with a humidor and some cigars for those those few times a year I like to bust one out. My sister scores big time and bought me a digital scale that also reads % body fat, water, bone mass, etc, etc... (still learning how to use it). It was a good christmas gift wise.

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