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Speedometer Stuck

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I've done some searching on this topic but haven't run across my exact problem yet. Speedometer on 2001 SunKicker is acting up. Sometimes it works and sometimes it stays stuck on 35 mph. Seems very slow to return back to zero once the boat is turned off. I plan on taking a paperclip to the pickups to see if they are clogged but wanted to see if there is anything else I could do to troubleshoot. Should I try to blow out the tubes from one end or the other? What else can go wrong with this setup? Thanks in advance this form is crazy helpful.

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It sounds like debris in the pick up. Should be able to pick it out or blow it out and solve your problem.

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2001 still has Airguides with pitot style speedometers?

Do not blow compressed air near the pickup with the speedometer still attached to the other end of the hose. If you need to blow them out, disconnect the hose from the back of the speedometers and blow it out from front to back.


Otherwise check the rubber hose from the pickups into the boat, mine were partially broken at the top of the pickup and I ordered the new venturi style replacements from skidim. They work great and haven't clogged once yet.

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Thanks for the replies gentlemen! Sounds like those upgraded airguides might not line up with the old holes in the transom? Would like to replace them but not quite ready for any drilling in the fiberglass!

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Thats true, rhavey. I believe I used bathtub caulk to plug the old holes. Never had a problem with it. And loved the self cleaning design that kept the speedos working more consistently.

Gotta get over that fear. There are a number of reasons why you'll need to drill holes in the boat to upgrade it, eg; installing ballast, stereos, towers, heaters, showers, LEDs, etc. :rockon:

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I didn't have to drill new holes.

Just elongate the holes in the new plastic mount outward, fill original holes in fiberglass with caulk to be sure they are sealed, and start both screws before tightening all the way. Should be able to hit both original holes in the boat no problem.

I did have to trim the top ear off of the new mount that has a third mounting hole in it for clearance reasons, you may not.

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