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Low RPM Engine Stutter

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This past weekend I encountered a low RPM stutter from my 97 sunsetter. It stuttered a little at idle and the exhaust was a bit more throaty than normal. As I increased the RPM's it also seemed to stutter for about 5 second and then perk'up and ran fine.

All the tune up parts have been changed w/in the past 12 months (cap, rotor, plugs, wires, both fuel filters and impellar). At the end of last year I also drained the fuel tank and replaced the whole fuel intake line as well as cleaned out the fuel pump. Fresh fuel added in May 2011. Fuel Pump is OE so it could be going out on me.

I spoke with Paul at Bakes and his advice was to put a fuel pressure guage on it and have the dealership check the timing. It is currently at WSA getting checked out. They may not get it this week so I may go and pick it up on Saturday and take it back on Monday to do a little trouble shooting on my own.

Any other suggestions. I will hook up my fuel pressure guage this weekend.

IIRC - it also stumbled at higher RPM's a couple of weeks ago. I was cruising along at about 2800 rpm and then pushed it to WOT and it stumbled on a couple tries but then it was ok after about the third cycle of doing that.

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I think you're on the right track with checking the fuel pump with the pressure gauge and the timing. It may not be a bad idea to also pull the distributor cap and look for moisture, wear, carbon tracking etc. You may want to ask your deal to check for any error codes in the ECM.

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I may just replace the fuel pump on my own. The OEM pump is a CARP60962 which I can pick up on ebay for about $129. The current fuel pump is almost 14 years old.

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The engine is Multi Port Fuel Injected.

On second thought I am just going to leave it at the dealership this weekend and let them figure out exactly why it is acting up.

I'll let you guys know what it ends up being.

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My guess is a problem with the fuel delivery system. It's probably the pump, especially if its 14 years old. Or you could have a vacuum leak.

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