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Wandering steering

Lieutenant Dan

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I have an issue with the steering on my SSLXI. The boat "wanders" quite a bit without any steering wheel input. This happens, say, when a wakeboarder pulls out hard. I have to correct by moving the steering wheel quite a bit. Also, there seems to be a dead spot where I have to move the wheel quite a bit before the correction has any effect. This also happens in the slalom course which kind of sucks. I am used to it but folks who are new to driving my boat always complain and apologize for not being able to drive straight.

I've heard folks on here talking about greasing the rudder bearing. I have to admit, I've never done this. Does my boat even have a zirc fitting for this? If so, how do I get to it? Do I have to take the floor out in the trunk?

It's also been suggested to me to replace the steering cable. Will a stretched out cable (however that might happen) be the cause of this?

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Lift the floor panel and you will see the HDS box and steering cable. Follow the steering cable to the rudder and there should be 2 grease fittings. If the steering is stat sloppy you may want to go ahead and replace the cable.

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It could also be a slipping or misadjusted steering cable. I think I'd pull the floor in the rear & at least inspect where that cable hooks to the rudder arm. You may find that you just need to tighten it up a bit. :unsure:

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It could also be a factor of neutral steering. If you do a search on that you should find a lot of information. Basically if you have more pressure on 1 side it will make holding a straight path a lot better. The issue some people have is that when you let go of the wheel it will turn that way.

typically old school direct drivers and 3 event skiers like the positive pressure as steering is more accurate. But if your cruising I can see it as an annoyance.

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most of the things listed above need to be checked prior to replacing the steering cable. I can tell you without a doubt that a worn steering cable can also cause the issues you described.

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In addition, i would check the tilt mechanism, loosness there will create a dead spot. You should be able to move the wheel across the dead spot and move your way to the back and find the slop in the system.

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