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wake makers piggy back....lets solve this


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OK, so i have searched and from what everyone says, the wakemakers piggy back system will fill the soft bag first, the fill the factory hard tank???

Taken directly from their site -

How It Works

The Malibu PiggyBack Ballast System is designed to make use of the existing pumps, hoses and switches in your Malibu boat, to expand the capacity of your factory rear ballast tanks from 250lbs. up to an incredible 1,350lbs. This kit includes everything needed for the installation, including a replacement Fly High Pro X Series ballast big (choose your capacity), Fly High quick connect fittings, all necessary fittings and adapters, hose and installation guide.

As the name implies, this ballast system add-on is connected inline with the overflow of the factory ballast tank, allowing it to PiggyBack on the factory system. In the factory configuration when the in-floor hard tank is full excess water is dumped overboard through the vent hose. With the PiggyBack system installed, excess water from the hard tank flows into the Fly High ballast bag, allowing it to fill after the factory tank is full. Once the new bag is full (which means the factory tank is full), excess water will flow out of the overflow of the bag, and through the factory thru-hull connector, allowing the system to function exactly the same as the stock ballast setup, but with the additional capacity of the auxiliary ballast bag.

Draining is exactly the opposite; as the factory drain pump removes water from the tank, gravity forces water out of the Fly High bag and into the hard tank until both ballast bag and tank are both empty. In 2008 and newer Malibu boats equipped with Rider Presets, these process is even handled by the boat's onboard computer, which manages the water level in all of the factory ballast locations.

The impression that i get is, if i add this to my 11 VLX Wakesetter, it will fill my hard tank first, and if i want to keep adding more weight, i can just keep letting it fill the soft bag up, but it will fill the factory hard tank first. it also says its the reverse for draining.

- is this how it works or not?

- is the price only for one side. ie, one bag etc..or is it for 2 bags, etc...

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Hey Rfisher:

I installed the piggy back system in my 2006 23 lsv this winter. This system uses the existing airator pumps that are in our malibu's. These pumps aren't able to push much water, so to make the Piggy back system work, the pumps dump water into the top on the fat sac first. The water drains through gravity into the hard tanks. Once the hard tanks are full, it backs up into the fat sac. When you buy the kit, Jason or Spence will ship you everything you need to make one side work. The system works, but I wasn't happy with it. Jason was very upfront with me that this system was the budget system that could be added quickly and cheaply. I had a very hard time filling the hard tanks without half filling the 1100 pound fat sacs I had on top. I have revamped my system with new pumps and through hulls to make my 1100 pound fat sacs in both compartments separtate from my malibu MLS system. Quite a bit more money, but very worth it in my opinion. I like having the control to only fill the stock system for wakeboarding, and then both for surfing. I also had a very hard time getting the top bag to empty most of the water back into the hard tanks to drain the bags without lifting the bags up and forcing the water out. My new parts arrived from Wake Makers last week and the new system works perfect. Jason and Spencer were a great help as always.


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thanks for the reply. Thats what i had read, but their website makes it sound much different.

IS there any other avenues that are under 300 for getting more weight? i have 2 440 vdrive twins, but of course, these arent hooked up to anything.

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Get a few tsunami pumps and a T. You can add a separate circuit for those 440's

[same thing here, instaled a piggy back in my vlx 2005 and very easy ti install, just follow

instruction and 1/2 houre latter you should be able to try it out. Good luck]

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I put in the piggy back on the port stern side and it filled up great, but it will not empty! I checked all pumps before the intall, and they all worked but I have not checked the pump yet for this problem, because it was too dark when I got home. Has anyone with a piggy back have problems with no water being pumped out?

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noonewakeboards: As I posted earlier, I also had a major problem with the water draining. So much, I changed the system to a standalone pump to fill and drain the rear 1100's. Mine would empty to about 50 to 25 % or so, than I would have to get in the compartment and try and lift the bag. This didn't work for me so I made some changes. Things to check in your system. Make sure that the drain pump is working in the hard tank, make sure that the drain hose is not kinked or bent upwards stopping the flow of the water out of the bag, and finally make sure the vent hose is higher than the bag so it can suck in air to allow the water to flow from the bag and into the hard tank. Remember, there is no suction with this system. You are relying totally on gravity pushing the water into the hard tank. The MLS hard tank pump also pumps the water out faster than it can fall into the hard tank from the bag, so it takes forever to drain. I am very happy now that I have installed a reversible pump for my bags. I have isolated my MLS system and my 1100's. I love it.

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