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Illusion X Rattle at Release Pin

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I have an '08 VLX w/400 hrs. Last Summer I noticed a rattling sound coming from the tower. I assumed it was the wakeboards banging each other. I took the boat out yesterday and the noise is definitely coming from the tower release pin on the starboard side. I pulled both pins and dropped the tower. Nothing is broken or missing. I replaced the tower, inserted the release pins and tightended the pivot bolts. Am I missing something?

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There are bushings where the pins are. They get warn out and some of us have been looking for replacements. Replacements are currently unavailable because metcraft went out of business (unless someone knows otherwise).

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Wasn't it XTP that bought the old Metcraft designs & is selling them to Moomba?

Maybe try XTP (http://www.xtremetowers.com) or your local Moomba dealer? :crazy:

But get it done. A couple of guys I ride with have had this problem & it gets worse & can cause bigger problems.

Last time I called a dealer they said they couldn't get them although it haven't called recently.

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I havent picked them up yet, But I called my local dealer and they were supposedly able to source them direcly from Malibu. They came from the CA. plant from what I understand. Carefull though. Over a Benji to replace all 6 of them. I was like :surprised: when they gave me the price. But whatcha gonna do?

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I still have the three year warranty on it ( fifteen months left), would this be something covered under the warranty?

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Over a Benji to replace all 6 of them.

I understand mark up, but seriously? That has to be in the vicinity of 10,000% mark up or more. I might have to order 1 then find a suitable replacement elsewhere based on the template.

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Wasn't there a guy recently that was going to try and make these bushings... supposedly out of a better material? I wonder what happened with that project? I'm sure all of us with the Illusion X towers will eventually need this part.

I tried finding the thread but came up empty.

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I swear Malibu quality is getting worse and worse.

Sorry this is way off topic, but.....

Their mistake was to hire Metcraft in the first place to make their towers. Metcraft already had a history with Tige & Calabria making crappy towers & then not supporting them.

The first Illusion was made by Titan. And now their back. I guess Malibu had to learn the hard way. :unsure:

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