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Well our new VTX finally arrived and we are supposed to be picking it up this week. It was just off to have the extra large heated observers seat installed, which was a requirement of my wife. I think I have mentioned before that she does not like to be cold. Everything looks great and I especially like how the interior vinyl turned out, but I have one problem to make a decision on now. I ordered the boat without the 'Wakesetter' graphic, but it arrived with the graphic on. Now I have to decide whether to leave it on, or to have the dealer have it removed. I don't think it stands out as much as I thought it would, but had wanted to go without it. Any opinions?




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Can you tell us why you wouldn't want the graphics on? I think it will look great either way. I've got about 1-2 more seasons with my decals then I plan to remove them all and put on just the stainless "malibu" like you've got towards the rear.

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I have no decals other than the name tags on mine, and I do tend to like that look. That being said, your boat looks VERY COOL with the graphics! IMHO I would leave them on for a while to see if your opinion changes. You can always pull them off later if you feel strongly about it. That is a great looking boat though!

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I ordered mine without the graphics, but it arrived with them like yours. I figured I'd take them off sometime, but I'm at 4 years now with them still on. Just roll with it, then take them off later!

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Ya leave them a while. I prefer the naked look and pulled mine off. I think I had 250 hours and about a year and a half on the boat when i did it. Once coat of wax and you cant tell they were ever there.

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Well, the overwhelming sentiment seems to be that I should just leave the graphics on for now, so I guess that is what I will do. I wanted to go with a cleaner look with less bling this time, but I don't think that the graphic stands out too much. As noted, if I get tired of it, I can always have it removed later.

I am supposed to be picking the boat up on Wednesday, but I may have to decide between the boat and getting in another day of skiing up on the mountain. They've just gotten another 10" of fresh snow today so far and are supposed to be getting another foot or so before calming down for what should be a great day on Wednesday.

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I do like the look of the wakesetter letters, but I did some quick photoshop work for you so you could see what your boat would look like without them. Just remember if you leave the letters on too long, and the boat sits in the sun, if and when you decide to take them off, you may have some slight fading and ghost lettering.


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I do like the look of the wakesetter letters, but I did some quick photoshop work for you so you could see what your boat would look like without them...

Beat me to it, this was going to be my suggestion too, photoshop it out and decide which looks better in your opinion.

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i saw a wakesetter in wakeworld mag the other day that was black with just the 'ws' center badge (removed the 'wake' and 'setter' lettering) i thought it looked kind of cool. just another option

personally; with your color choice and accents, i think it looks a bit on the busy side (dont get me wrong...i'm envious of your boat and color choice) but it seems like a lot to look at and it takes away from the clean lines. i vote naked or just the 'ws'

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Hey maybe next time you are at the lake a guy will come up to you and ask you if your last name is Wake Setter. True story, happened to me 2 weeks ago.

How do you respond to that without laughing in the guys face.

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