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Wakeboard Recommendation for a [large] Newbie


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Bought a new boat and now I want to learn how to wakeboard. I have tons of slalom ski experience which has done nothing for me in the couple times I've tried to get up on a rented wakeboard. But that's another story....

I'm 6' 5" and weigh 220 lbs. Size 13 shoe.

Any recommendations on a relatively inexpensive board and bindings would be appreciated. With regards to bindings, are there any bindings that are easy to get into? The boots I squeezed into in my previous attempts practically gave me a hernia.


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I like the liquid force vantage's. The domains are pretty similiar but only come in open toe. With size 13, you should have god luck finding a left over pair of either from last year online I would hope.

Definitely dont' want to go any smaller than a 142 in board length.

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this isn't the cheapest option (you may be able to find a used board) but the 142 cm slingshot recoil (maybe get the response for a rookie) board that i got last year is just amazing. it's by far the easiest board to get up on and it's the most forgiving on your landings.

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Call Wileys and ask for Darren.


They have lots of stuff that is not on the website and can get you a good deal on 2nds and will be able to steer you the right way, plus they can set you up with Wiley bindings which = something for big feet and also something you will come out of when you crash.

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I'm 6'1 225 size 11.5 shoe and I currently ride a 143 lyman, I owuldn't reccomend that board for beginnners, though it is very forgiving wiht catching edges. I would second a slingshot, not sure I'd go recoil, that's what I used to ride and it's a bit slow for your size. You might want to look response or reflex, or one of the new atomic core ones like the newton

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Thanks for the info. Looking around I found a used 3-4 yr. old 142 cm CWB Slayer with XXL bindings. Does anyone have any opinions on this board?

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