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wakeboard rack measurments....


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I plan on making some wakeboard racks and surf racks

if you could please answer the following.



distance between sets of forks (between bindings)

distance between forks (where your board goes)

depth of forks (how deep into the rack the board goes)

Just thought it would be something to keep me busy during the winter Crazy.gif


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I think my first one will be all delrin forks, to help protect the boards

approx. 1" sq legs.

I put a pc. in a vice with 16" hanging out and put a 12" cresent wrench on it "to give it yank test", it flexed but did fine

if i do not like that i will use 1/2" delrin sandwiched in between 3/16" thick alum. pc's.

i am just making this up as i go.......

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I plan on checking with the polymer sales guy and finding out if he recomends anything

I am kinda hoping to do wakeboard racks at 90 degrees to the tower and incorporate a wakesurf rack parallel/verticle with the tower

all as one unit

i just need dimensions.

I have also thought worse case... put a Pc of 1/2" threaded rod in each fork leg

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talked to the polymer sales guy and he recomended nylon, said it is mech. stonger than delrin. just a little harder to work with

at this point i just need dimension to build to.

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Looks like it's just me and you on this thread.

If I remember, I'll give you the measurements of my wake designs board racks this weekend. I applaud your DIY (and save some cake) attitude, I'm the same way.

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well i can buy racks, but would like to avoid it if possible.

#1) i have a whole machine shop that i can play in whenever i want (after hours).

#2) $250 a pc. thats like maybe $60 in material????

#3) gotta try and keep myself busy

#4) for some reason i feel very poor..... Crazy.gif

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Depending on your "level" of membership, you may not be "allowed" to post pics. One option would be to put them up on another site (like a photo sharing site) then give us a hyperlink to the site.

Where are you located, Mike? I've got some uses for a machinst once in awhile and I'd hate to pay full retail for my small time boat related jobs.

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at this point i just need dimension to build to.

I have a rack that goes on a Fly-High pole and the dim's are as follows:

Made out of 3/4" Nylon

Inside dimension from arm to arm - 8"

Slot that the board sits in is 9" deep

Hope that helps. :)

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Go to "visit my gallery" and click on the album that says "wake board racks for Mikea" These are "wake designs" racks, they're old school, probably the first racks ever made. Anyway, remember I'm a car mechanic, not a photographer.

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