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Another prop question


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I have a 1995 Sunsetter with a 350 Ski edition engine and wanting to upgrade to a 4-blade prop and keep my 3-blade (13 X 13) as a spare. We do wakeboarding/skiing (80/20 mix) with usually 3 - 4 persons and two dogs in the boat. The engine is in good shape with only 325 hours so it runs great and with TBI there is no hesitation. I saw on an earlier thread where there might be a group buy in the spring but will that allow for a prop that will meet my expectations? If not is Skier to Skier the best location for a good price?

My wife and I are just recreational level for both wakeboarding and skiing so my expectations is to increase the hole shot and not too concerned in WOT speeds.

Also I am planning installing a Stargazer PP in the spring.

Thanks for your help.

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An OJ 13 X 13 LC 1 1/8" FORCE 4-blade or 12.5 X 12 LC 1 1/8" XMP 4-blade would be a good option as well.


There are two 12.5 x 12 props listed on your website one w/ Cup of .90 or .110. I'm guessing the .110 would be a better option given the additional Cupping for the above posters question?

I used a 13x12 on my old SLXI and a 13 x 11.5, I liked the extra hole shot of the 13 x 11.5 but now after changing technique and that I used my boat similarly as the poster does I'd just go w/ a 13 x 12 (3-blade). I expect he'd get similar results as my boat weighed more but had more hp than his '95 SLX but his boat weighed less.

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The 13 X 13 4-blade has .090 standard, more can be added if needed. In most cases with the smaller engines the .090 should be fine. The 13 X 11.5 would be a good option as well if the op would want to stick with a 3-blade.

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