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hi i have a Malibu lx 2002 monsoon 335hp with a acme 3 blade prop 13/12 now i have been told that if i change to a OJ 4 blade 12 and a half/13 80 thou i will get a smaller wash. will this effect the way it comes out of the hole. can i have some feed back on this topic please

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A different prop will have a multitude of effects on a boat. Going from a three blade to a four blade most likely will result in a prop with more blade area and will improve the holeshot performance at the expense of top end performance. Changing pitch will also change the performance curve, the most noticible change will be speed v. rpm. Cup also affects the performance of the prop. Three v. four blade props will also hold speed differently at different speeds, so that is another consideration based on your favorite sport preference. The prop wash will change with different props, you can search this site for several comments by different people on effect of prop wash with different props. Not only will a three v. four blade prop provide a change in prop wash, but the wash from different brands will also change along with a prop of a different material such as a stainless prop. Another characteristic will be the smoothness of a particular prop, the CNC props tend to be extremely smooth compared to non CNC formed props. Therefore, the answer to your question is yes on the holeshot performance. I don't have experience with that particular 4 blade, so I can't answer the prop wash question, but I am sure Eric at OJ props will provide some excellent feedback on it.

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hi i have a Malibu lx 2002...

Sportster LX? Response LX? Sunsetter LX?

You a skier? Wakeboarder? Wakeskater?

What change are you trying to achieve vs the 13 X 12?

... I am sure Eric at OJ props will provide some excellent feedback on it.

Eric is the man. :thumbup: Max at Skier-To-Skier is top notch as well. Skier-To-Skier is a great source for OJ props.

I went from a 13 X 14 OJ Legend 4 blade (kept it for my footin' prop) to a 13 X 12 OJ XMP Edge 3 blade CNC'd prop. Better holeshot, better speed holding, and a little less turbulent prop wash. :thumbup:

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