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Ordering 2006 VLX, opinions what I am getting..

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Just got back from my local dealer, I think we've finally figured out the best combination for our family needs and budget.

Also after seeing the Mastercraft 2006 line-up, hands down Malibu is the way to go. Sat inside the new X-1 and X-30 right after being in the VLX and WOW what a difference. You almost feel like your in a different world.

Here are the options on the Wakesetter VLX that we are going to get.

Halogen Docking Lights

Pair of Cleats

Wedge complete

MLS- Bow Ballast

Depth finder Module

Malibu Monsoon 340 hp engine

Polished Exhuast turn-downs

Rough-in for stereo, all wires run through boat and tower, leads in fact. stereo location

Daul battery switch/second box and cables

Sunbrella Boat cover for Illision X w/poles- grey

Bimini top w/boot- Jet Blk

quoted price is approx. $46,500 usd before taxes... factory ordered and spring delivery. What you think about the pricing? I believe it's an awesome deal, esp looking at resale values on boattraderonline.com.

We aren't getting a trailer as of now because we have no need for one. Dealer is dropping off in spring with full detailing, winter they pick-up, clean and winterize the motor and ballast system and stored indoors for under $1000 cnd.

Thinking about this colour combination because it's classy and easy to keep clean.





Pics of the new X-1, I wasn't impressed at all with it.... Just to think it's much smaller and looks cheap and only $5kcnd cheaper!!!



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Sounds like a good price to me with all those options. You might want to get with Wakegirl about this. She went through the same process not too long ago and there was a fairly recent thread about another person wanting to know good pricing on an 06 VLX. It addressed pricing and good/bad options. Colors look nice!

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those are some good options, I, er my dad, got the turn down exaust, I like them alot. I really like that color scheme too, cept im not too crazy about the blue stripe on the bow, but the rest, awesome! :)

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VLX is an excellent choice and I like the colors.

Couple of thoughts on options:

- Heater and/or shower seem like they could come in handy in Canada

- You didn't mention any board racks??

- Pop-up bow light is worth a few $$ for convenience and clean lines

- Fiberglass swim platform?? or you sold on teak?

Pricing looks like a very good deal from what I have seen.

Congrats on the new VLX!

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Well thanks for the input....

As for the Heater, it's really not needed. We have a cottage with a propane furnace and fireplace. Warm clothes and hot showers.

We don't spend all day on the water and don't really get chilled to the bone by being out at 7 am or after dark on the water. I find that I could use the $850 on something else.

Board rack will come eventually, but honestly not something really needed because we keep everything in the shed by the dock including all skis, boards, tubes, ropes, etc.

Fiberglass platform was thought of, but I was sold on teak because of it's forgiving nature and resistance to scuffs from fins on boards and skis. You ding a dock with the teak, isn't going to cost you $$$ in fiberglass and gel coat repair.

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Trust me...you WILL use the heater. If you're looking to save a few dollars scrap the docking lights. They look cool but you will never use them. Also, don't order the factory cover - order direct from Rankin, you won't be disappointed, you won't need any support poles and you won't have puddles on your cover when it rains which will happen with the factory cover. Other than that, love the boat colors and you will love the VLX.

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I had to cut a few corners myself to get into the VLX instead of the V ride. I'm not disappointed because I LOVE the VLX!!! I do wish I had the heater at times and the shower (although it saves a step for winterizing by not having it). I'll probably later add a shower as I find my season extending each year (helps warm up the wetsuit and prepare for the cold water shock). I'll probably never have a heater for money reasons.

I can't imagine not having board racks as it saves a ton of room in the boat. As big as the rear lockers are, I can only fit my wife's board in it (132 cm board). The others would just be clutter (I don't have a cottage with a dock either though to drop the boards off).

I am also very glad for the fiberglass deck. It was a last minute change for me and I couldn't go back. It's a lot bigger, the rubber holds the board better in one place so it doesn't move around while I jam my big feet into small bindings, the rubber is very durable, and best of all......NO MORE TEAK OIL!!!!!! But, that is also an opinionated issue.

You won't regret that bow ballast....it's a MUST for the VLX. I agree that the docking lights might be a waste of money unless you like the look...that's about all they are good for IMO.

Sweet boat though!!!

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Scrap the second battery. No need for that unless your stereo starts getting out of control and you're running lights as well.

I think you should add the seat heater instead. It is freaking awesome! And the heater is a MUST.

Looks awesome, congratulations!

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I'll agree with the above posts on the heater. We never had a heater on our first 2 Malibus but we got one on our new Rlxi. The wife and kids love it. I highly recommend it for the cooler days on the water.

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Ditch the turn downs, people swear by them but I think it is all gimic - exhaust is exhaust, also ditch the docking lights, good bling, but WOM, if you are passing on things like board racks, flip up bow light, heater, etc.. those are critical items.

I would trade the second battery, docking lights, and turn downs, for board racks, heater, and pop up light - I rarely use my shower, but the heater is nice to have at the flip of a switch.

boat looks great

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