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Help with colors


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Looking at ordering a 2006 VLX and need pictures of boats using any of the following colors on exterior or interior: Platnium, Light Graphite, and Moonbeam. Actually, the most important one is Platnium as I just got a suggestion from my dealer that doesn't make too much sense:

"one suggestion, replacing platinum w/ moonbeam. Malibu's platinum is a shade darker then their sandstone(beige)".

Looking at the .pdf brochure on Malibu's site shows Platnium as being very light. Help!

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I would guess that peterski's color scheme is on the cool/grey side, which is probably why his dealer made the suggestion (BICBW). Malibu's color names are not the most descriptively accurate IMO.


You may want to remove that email address. Spam bots search for that structure & if they get your address you'll get inundated with spam.

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I am guessing that wakegirl is right. (I would guess that peterski's color scheme is on the cool/grey side) That is what I was thinking too. I just went through this whole process too. You can´t go by the ispec or downloads at all.

We were going to order our boat with white seats and white exterior without realising that half the boats that we thought were white weren´t white, but actually moonbeam or platinum. (base deck and hull for example)

The platinum goes like wakegirl says, more into beige. The moonbeam is grey. Since our boat is dark blue with black, we went for the moonbeam. Beige or platinum seems a little more conservative or for colors like reuben or midnight blue. IMO

I will send you some pictures of our boat during construction. The boat isn´t polished yet, and there is a protective piece of plastic on the deck, but you can see

the moonbeam peeking out on the front of the boat. The hull is moonbeam as well. Interior moonbeam and light graphite.

Hope this helps and let us know what you go with!!!


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We had all the same questions about the interior colors. I talked to the factory about it and the actually sent us 6x6 sample pieces so we could see first hand the differences in the colors. After seeing them it made it a whole lot easier. We went Moonbeam and Lt. Graphite on the interior. I can tell you Lt. Graphite gets a whole lot hotter in the sun than the moonbeam.

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Thanks everyone. I confirmed with the dealer today that Platnium is indeed a beige. Below is the final scheme I went with. This is my first 'Bu and am so stoked..it is going to be a long winter...thankfully Snowboarding will help pass the time until next season.

Exterior Colors

Deck Base: Moonbeam

Hull Base: Moonbeam

Hull Main: Ebony

Hull Accent: Charcoal

Deck Main: Charcoal

Deck Accent: Ebony

Deck Accent 2: Marble

Interior Colors

Dash: Ebony and Ebony

Base: Moonbeam

Accent 1: Ebony

Main: Light Graphite

Carpet: Sterling

Bead: Ebony

Blade Tower interior color: Light Graphite

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